One of my favorite phrases is this: God is the great fixer. I believe that God is the fixer, healer, restorer of broken hearts, shattered relationships, and meaningless lives. There are wonderful stories you can read in the Bible of David, a man after God’s own heart, who battled anger, lust, and pride. Or of Peter, the man who preached the first sermon after Jesus died and was raised. This is the same Peter who two months earlier cried bitterly after he denied knowing Jesus. Have a Christian tell you the story of Legion, the Samaritan woman at the well, Bartimaeus, or the woman caught in adultery.

Today, I know alcoholics made sober, sexually immoral made pure, greedy people made generous, and angry people made sweet. I have seen broken marriages restored, wasted lives given meaning, and people with no hope find purpose. I have seen lonely people find belonging. I have seen the hungry fed, the sick healed, and orphans and widows become part of a family.

God is a great fixer.

But not always.

Read the story of Cain who murdered his brother and was driven from his family. Or the story of Saul whose arrogance and jealousy caused him to lose his family, his kingdom, and eventually to commit suicide. Learn about the rich young man who left Jesus sad because he valued his money more than God. Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead by God because they lied to Him.

And I know marriages that ended in divorce. I know bitter, angry, hateful people who have no hope. I know alcoholics who have destroyed relationships. I know people who have died all alone. These people knew about God and Jesus. They were not fixed.

Every one of those people that God fixed were those that turned to God, cried out to God, begged God to enter their life and do whatever it took to be fixed. And He did.

Every one of those people that were not fixed rejected God, ignored God, turned away from God, or left God. Or they refused to do what God asked of them. So he didn’t fix them.

So some people God fixes… some He doesn’t. What makes the difference?

God has made His decision. Now it's up to you.
It is a choice. Our choice.

He can fix you. I know because He fixed me. It’s your choice.

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