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A Great Friend, A Great Man A Great Friend, A Great Man
Paul Falkner was a great person. When my dad died when I was 25, Paul was increasingly there for me as a mentor and a friend. I didn't deserve it; he just was that kind of person. ... (read more)
Finding Jesus: Experiencing Immanuel
Jesus longs to draw near to us and to be real to us. He will not force himself into our lives. He is looking for people willing to seek after him and welcome his living presence ... (read more)
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A Time to Weep
      What time is it in your relationship with your older friends and family? What time is it in your own life? Are you ready for closing time?

ToGather: The LORD Is Close! (October 17, 2021)
      We can do great ministry in the name of Jesus and can survive all the tough challenges in life because our LORD is always close to us!

Living the ultimate Romance
      Proven love can grow strong and holy passion can send sparks into the air!

Tuna Salad and the Rest of the Story
      Most of them are wonderful human beings because someone gave them a leg up somewhere along the line, and they remember that. At least the good ones do.

      A hardened elite soldier in Rome's army comes face-to-face with the Son of God.

ToGather: Every Time! (February 14, 2021)
      God is full of goodness and mercy. He has faithfully poured his love upon us and now asks us to share this blessing with others.

ToGather.church for November 22 is Ready!
      You're invited to use our worship guide for your home or group worship!

This Is Our Story, Too! (SOR 4.0)
      The more most of us examine our past, the more we realize that our family tree is full of interesting stories that have shaped our identity.

Forgiveness and Power
      Can I actually be better?

Leaving the Imprint of a Mother's Faith
      What's a mom supposed to do with wet cement?

All About Jesus
      Behind every move made by disciples in the book of Acts, Jesus was the mover!

Wearing Jesus
      Are you letting this Garment set your style?

A Pat on the Back
      When we see one of these risk-takers and God-seekers, they deserve a Pat on the Back!

      Where can we go to know we are loved and safe from the storm?

Simple, Complex, and Awesome
      Are we really letting our love light shine in a world filled with so much darkness?

To Benefit Them!
      Preparing my mouth for marriage... and beyond!

God Answers the Mess of Life
      Is there any hope for the monotonous mess of life?

What Do We Do to Jesus?
      We do so it so casually, so carelessly, and in doing it, we forget!

I Choose
      We have a huge impact on our day by what we decide to choose!

New Wine and Old Skins
      Can we keep growing, or do we have to stop just because we age?

Thankful in ALL Circumstances
      Caught between Thanksgiving and Christmas and in a life full of challenges and pains, what do we do?

Nativity Set
      You can find Christmas in the most surprising of places!

A Caution about Criticism
      Some criticism isn't helpful, it is withering, so how do we deal with it?

Getting Our Lives on Track
      Life is full of ups and downs, but God goes with us through it all!

We're Not There Yet!
      Why does time move so much more quickly now that I'm older?

The Real Root of Brokenness
      We must not dare forget to give thanks for how we're blessed and how great the Father is!

What a Bunch of Suckers
      Why do we but the lie? Maybe because it is sold so well!

Safe Place?
      Where can we go and know that we are truly safe?

Remembering What Really Matters
      So where are you investing your time, your moments, your days?

...and thankful!
      So we are supposed to give thanks for this?

To Fret or to Leave in God's Hands?
      Why do we fret over our artistic expressions?

One of Us
      Sometimes what we need most is a friend!

Mud Dauber Determination
      Saving spiders for their kids to eat?

      Father, Daddy, means so much more than just the oldest man in the house!

Mom, You're the Real MVP
      For all you do, Mom, we think you are the best.

The Fourth Quarter
      So are you ready for the buzzer to sound?

Potholes Ahead
      While we cannot accurately predict the future, for most of us, there will be potholes in our path!

Jesus with Dirt on His Face and No Place to Sleep
      Have you seen Jesus here?

Ordinary or Not?
      Are you making it up as you go?

Yardsticks: How the hidden Dangers of Comparison Are Killing Us and Our Daughters
      Have we turned our yardsticks into swords?

Challenge the Status Quo and Live a generous Life
      So how do I keep the status quo from getting in the way of my generosity?

Talk Less Hug More

The Gift of Sympathizing Mercy
      Mercy turns in active compassion.

We Are really Going Home
      Egypt is back in the news, so what does that have to do with going home?

Nothing Significant?
      So why do we discount what the Lord does through us?

Customer Service in a 'Yes!' Church?
      How are we doing with our connection with those who are not one of us and are interested in us?

Red to Honor, White to Remember
      What will you do to remember?

A Miracle in Three Poofs
      Have you heard God calling?

The Story: Three Windows of Grace
      Isn't it time for a little church remodeling?

Solid Ground or Sinking Sand?
      What are you building your life upon?

We Do Not Lose Heart
      Come on! Can we really say this honestly?

It Is Time
      So how long are you going to wait?

Learn to Be a Good Neighbor and Change Your Community!
      What does it mean to be a good neighbor?

Master the Art of Welcoming
      How open are our arms?

An Amazing Find
      Finding more than we are looking for!

Apples in Autumn
      So many good things in fall!

Mortality: Trying It on for Size
      A test run at death?

Loving the Person Who Isn't 'One of Us'
      Who do you believe is

Find the Plot to Your Dots
      Can you tell what God is doing?

Roads Without Potholes
      Why would we ever want potholes in the road?

Learning Financial Literacy
      Finally a plan that could help our university students before it's too late!

No Problema
      With such an emotional tomorrow, can we stay focused on today?

The News Behind the News
      Do you ever get a glimpse of God behind the stories we hear everyday?

The Father's Love
      How deep is His love for us?

The Path from Brokenness to Peace
      Can I really be the same person in each place?

Psalm 46
      Where do we go in such times of upheaval?

Touched by an Angel
      Have you received or given this touch?

Have We Missed the Point?
      Is there a real difference? What would you say?

Take a Closer Look
      What are you seeing as you go to church this morning?

Even in Mayberry
      Could anything be better than living in Mayberry?

Reluctant Leadership?
      What does God see that we don't?

Unveiling of Legacy
      What will you have to pass on to your children and grandchildren?

Community and Homebound
      How can I share in community when I am limited in how I can get out with other people?

A Moron?
      I'm not sure I'd agree with the assessment that this guy is a moron, do you?

      What prizes have you found in Scripture?

I Trust in Your Unfailing Love
      Can you still hold on to trust?

Self-control and City Walls
      Why is it so hard to control our own behavior?

New Wine and Old Skins
      Can we keep growing, or do we have to stop just because we age?

Why Pray When You Can Worry?
      What's the big deal with our worries?

How to Handle Criticism
      How do you handle it when people come down on you?

A Time to Weep
      What time is it in your relationship with your Dad?

Multi-talented Mommy Ears
      Does he really care about all this mess?

Longing for Friendship
      Are you willing to take the risk?

Better than Therapy
      Do you have a good friend?

      How do you understand it?

Wisdom and Consequences
      Why do we fool ourselves into thinking our actions and choices don't matter that much?

The Miraculous Influence of a True Lighthouse
      What makes a true lighthouse in a world of despair and darkness?

Tough Decisions and God's Precious Gift
      What would you have done?

Dealing with Stress with Thanksgiving
      Do you really believe this is a stress reduction strategy?

Empty House Full of Memories
      Have you found your place of peace?

The Day the Tree Went Crashing
      When's the last time you held a neighbor's hand?

Inheritance Day
      What are you looking to inherit?

Secular or Sacred?
      Is work secular or sacred space?

Hope and Joy!
      Where do you find your hope and joy?

Be Still!
      Can you actually be still?

Bunnies, Baskets, Eggs, and Stuff
      Where did a bunny with eggs come from?

If You Stay Close to Me, You Won't Get Wet
      Will you share the umbrella?

Nativity Set
      You can find Christmas in the most surprising of places!

A Lesson in Priorities
      Would you have had the courage to make this right choice?

Home is Where ...
      Who lives in your home?

To My Fellow Perfectionists
      Irritated with that little mistake you made?

The Push for Purple
      When did soft-pedaling wrong answers become acceptable?

A Penny Saved is a Lesson Learned
      How can an old penny teach a life lesson?

Life is Not for Sissies
      What's got you in a fix?

Older than Dirt!
      How old are you?

Call Tech Support
      Called tech support lately?

It Hurts to Breathe
      Have you ever hurt this badly?

Everyone Loves a Lover
      Why are some people just more loved than others?

That Long Awaited Snowfall
      What makes you afraid?

A Time to Heal
      Healing the grief takes time.

A Time to Keep Silence
      Listen to the sounds of silence.

A Time to Build
      The best things are worth building right.

Where I Stand
      Finding your way isn't easy.

Soda Pop at Logan's
      Joy visits when we least expect it.

A Time to Love
      What a blessing to love and be loved!

Doc Foster
      Meaning is found in service.

A Time to Weep: My Father's Operation
      We are faced with our mortality, and that of our parents.

A Time to Weep: Concerning Home Maintenance
      Ah, the perilous life of the homeowner...

A Time To Be Born
      Birth is a miracle.

Nativity Set
      Christmas isn't the same without a nativity set.

A Time to Cast Away Stones
      Are we worshipping the wrong things?

A Time to Laugh
      Make room for joy.

A Time to Kill
      Yes, death has its place.

Bedtime Stories
      There's truth, and then there is truth.

Family Vacations
      They never quite turn out the way you expect, do they?

My Grandpa, the Enigma
      Some things, especially some people, remain a mystery.

Consider the Birds
      Is God interested in ducks?

My Grandma, the Saint
      Why didn't I appreciate her sooner?

Advice Givers
      Some folks are generous with advice, especially to parents.

Ruby and the Raincrow
      Sometimes you can't see the things that are the most real.

Why My Wife Bought Handcuffs
      So he's a little forgetful...

When the Tree Went Crashing
      You don't need a degree to learn about love.

Concrete Heart
      Some things are extra special.

Handyman Blues
      It's a tough job!

      Can we find it again?

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!
      Things don't always happen they way we anticipate.

      Knowing your limits is tremendous wisdom.

A Family Tradition
      Not your favorite sort of tradition...

Right Hearts
      Sometimes we aren't right, but we have right hearts.

The Wizard of Is
      Are you working on what is, or what should be?

Why Tim?
      Some questions are too big.

Losses and Real Losses
      There's a difference.


Growing Roots
      Treasure the deep roots.

Streams in the Desert
      People can change.

Dump Boy
      He deserved better.

Inheritance Day
      "Someday, these tools will be yours."

One Problem at a Time
      Thank God for teachers.

      A story of a man and his mower...

The Open Door
      He's waiting and watching...

Warts and All
      He loves us -- all of us.

The Crime Wave
      We all have a darker side.

      You can learn a lot.

A Yardstick of the Soul
      It's a powerful measure.

Cyrus and Doral
      Love is patient, kind...

Sally and the Pythagorean Theorem
      We all need God's patient grace.

Kindness Bestowed
      Are we still kind?

A Tribute to Ned Ludd

Nativity Set
      Can you find it?

The Day I Met Paul Harvey
      Pay tribute to those who got you here.

Stitches of Love
      Her love sews ... I mean "shows."

Worth Having
      It's not always the big stuff.

Where I Stand
      What do I stand for?

Soda Pop at Logan's
      Joy is always looking to climb into our laps.


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