Isn't it obvious that all angels are sent to help out with those lined up to receive salvation? (Hebrews 1:14 MSG).

Be ready with a meal or a bed when it's needed. Why, some have extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it! (Hebrews 13:2 MSG).


Just after walking into the room, I overheard our host turn in the direction of her husband and say, "Honey, be an angel and start the fire in the fireplace." This is the time of the year when there are angels and calls for angels all around.

Truth is, we are humans, not angels, but we all share a common task. Angels and humans are sent forth to put in a good word for Jesus, to be HIS messengers. Whether we know the words or not, we speak for the Creator and our lives define HIS meaning.

You are not an angel, but you are a rep, an agent of grace in a world of pain. And when HE calls your name for a project or task, when you have the opportunity to be HIS messenger of grace and touch of healing, "be an angel" and celebrate it.

When Moses was walking in the foothills of Sinai, shepherding sheep, he was surprised by a strange oddity — a single bush that burned like a lamp — it just kept burning. As he stepped closer, a voice seemed to come from within the fire, "Take off your shoes. This is holy ground." At that moment, it was as though God wanted nothing to come between HIS man and HIS Presence, not even a strip of leather.

I imagine God wanted Moses to wiggle his toes in the rocky soil, to celebrate the moment, to mark it in memory and listen for the voice.

These sacred moments become signposts of grace along the road of life. Every-once-in-awhile I revisit a "holy moment" place; I wiggle my toes a bit and remember what it was like to feel the Presence and speak for God.

So, would you listen for his voice, "Would you be an angel and _____ ?" Would you give grace legs and healing a touch?


Gary died last week. We will miss him and his incredible ability to capture light and live on canvas. He lived to paint, but what you may not know is that he lived in pain, but not now.

Pain is a powerful distraction, but it can be preparation for a "holy moment." It was just that for Andy.

Gary and his wife, Andy, called the western slope of the Rockies home. It seemed the mountains around Grand Junction, Colorado grew more magnificent and arresting each year. But when you're in pain it's tough to see beauty or grandeur anywhere, even when it's right in front of your eyes.

A few years back Andy was recovering from back surgery. Although the surgery was successful, the recovery was not going well. The Denver Doctor said it was the aftermath of nerve damage. In other words her spine was not the problem; she had been in pain for so long that her nerves had missed the "healing" memo. It would take time. But, as much as Andy wanted to believe him, she was feeling worse and the drugs didn't help at all.

Roberta, Andy's sister, had flown in to help out while Andy was recuperating, but try as she could, she didn't have the tools to help Andy. Their house seemed filled with unending agony.

Finally the Denver Surgeon urged Gary to take Andy to the local Grand Junction hospital to check for a possible blood clot. None was found but the Denver Doctor wanted Andy in his office the next morning, and that required a painful 5-hour car ride.

Holy moments are personal.
Gary and Roberta loaded Andy into the Yukon in preparation for the trip, but when he turned the key nothing happened. Frustration, fear, hopelessness, and anger overwhelmed Gary for a moment; he laid his head on the hood of the SUV crying, "Why now? Why?"

A stranger walked up and asked if she could help. She sensed the agony and offered to drive Andy and Roberta home. Within minutes they were loading Andy into the stranger's car. Before they got out of town, Gary called to tell them to meet him at the Maintenance shop. The battery was the problem, and it was being replaced.

"Right there," Andy said, "stopped along the side of the road, my mystery stranger reached back, took my hand, and began praying for me."

It was one of those holy moments, a bush burning, an unexpected occurrence transformed into a moment of grace! For a few minutes that stranger's car was sacred. "I felt like," Andy paused for a moment and then finished, "I had been touched by an angel."

That "angel's" touch and prayer gave Andy hope for the journey ahead. In that moment nothing, not even pain, could keep Andy from sensing the Presence and wiggling her toes.


"Be an angel." It's your time!

Holy moments are personal. You can't plan for them or make it a goal to have one a month. God sends them when HE wants to, when HE senses that we need them most.

They are like signposts on the journey. And, they help us stay in touch with our spiritual selves. In them we hear our name, we sense HIS Presence, and we are gifted with grace.

How long has it been since your last "Holy Moment?" Are you ready for another?

What can you do?

Look for distracted people, listen for sounds of agony, and offer help whenever you can. Expect the unexpected. Practice being the agent of grace and get real good at wiggling your toes.

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