Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow (Proverbs 13:11 NIV).

You know the word "literacy," right? Most basically, it denotes the ability to read and write. But its broader meaning has to do with the useful mastery of a body of information to the level of using it creatively and productively to achieve worthy goals. Thus we speak of musical literacy or someone who is computer literate.

It is time to get serious about financial literacy. There is certainly a high degree of need for global and national financial literacy in view of recent money meltdowns and tensions over fiscal policy, debt ceilings, and bankruptcies.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have called attention to some of the Bible's key texts and ideas about money. I have also promised to let you know about something Dave Ramsey and I have been working on together.

Dave is the guy with solid information about handling money responsibly, avoiding debt, and practicing generosity. His books are New York Times bestsellers, and his radio program carries the challenge of financial accountability to millions of people every day. Some of you have studied his Financial Peace University classes — and wished you had learned the basics years ago. Before you got married. Before you bought a too-expensive car on a too-meager salary.

Offered online for college credit!
I have access to young people as an educator and can provide a venue for making good information available to college students. Presenting the Ramsey materials via qualified academics and for college credit could entice young men and women to study principles of financial management early enough in life that it will make a difference for a lifetime.

The result of our collaboration is that Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance is being offered online. For college credit. For both college students and even for high school juniors and seniors who can get early college credit for their effort. We believe the partnership we have established has the potential for making a life-changing difference for thousands of young people.

A seven-week course offering three credits that can be transferred to any accredited college or university should have appeal to bright young people who want to get a jump on their college work. It should also appeal to parents who want to equip their children with solid information they can build on for life.

Check out Help someone learn financial literacy.