Articles Tagged 'Stewardship'

Learning Financial Literacy

Finally a plan that could help our university students before it's too late!

Rubel Shelly offers Dave Ramsey's online course for college credit to help students learn the principles of financial management.


Where are you going to park in Chicago anyway?

Patrick Odum uses a humorous tradition in Chicago about reserving parking spaces after the snow plow passes and compares it to the year of Jubilee in the Old Testament.


What interest does God expect from all that He has invested in us?

Warren Baldwin reminds us of what God has entrusted us with to invest in our lives in ministry and receive interest on his investment.

Giving Back to God What Is His

Are we just renters of the blessings we have?

Using something for free almost every weekend of the year for a parking lot reminds a church that they don't own what they use; we need to learn that same thing as God's children.

Babysitters for God

How do you view your responsibility to raise your kids in the Lord?

parenting is really babysitting for God: they are not ours, they are his.

Valuable Possessions

How many do you have?

We have been blessed with so many wonderful things by God.


How can I cluster my time effectively?

How do we cluster activities to allow us to focus our energies on doing God's will for our lives rather than spending all of our time in routine, daily, maintenance activities?