Snow! Snow! Snow!

For several days, The Weather Channel had been predicting snow for our area of the state — maybe even two or three inches. Since snow is something that we seldom see, the grandchildren were very excited. Perhaps they would even get a snow day from school.

At last the day arrived that the long awaited snowfall was to be here. Day became night, and the radar showed the snow was all around us. Every few minutes, one of the grandchildren would open the door and peek out to see if the white stuff was falling.

Finally, I knew from their excited voices they could see snow! Everyone went running out into the yard so they could actually feel it. One of them had on socks. The other two were barefoot — no coats, no shoes, no hats and they didn't care. For a fleeting moment, they were allowed to take in those snowflakes rarely seen in this part of the country with their own eyes, noses and mouths.

Three year-old Brooke, who probably had only seen pictures of snow, but never the glistening white flakes falling from the sky, came running back in the house. Sensing fear in her voice, she snuggled up to me sitting on the sofa and said, "Grandma, I am afraid"!

Thinking it was all the noise and hoopla the other three grandchildren were making, I gathered her close and explained it was just the beautiful snow about which they were excited.

Brooke proceeded to tell me, "Grandma, I know all about that snow; it is the dark that makes me afraid!"

I cuddled her even closer and thanked God she felt safe from the dark in the arms of her grandmother. Next, I asked God to help us teach her that the arms of Jesus are even more secure than the ones that physically held her that night.

May Brooke always know that when she is afraid she can put her trust in God. Whether it be a dark, snowy, wintry night or the fears that sometimes appear in the bright sunshine of the day, God tells us from His Holy Word that when we are afraid we are to trust in Him.

Grandma, I am afraid!

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." (Psalm 56:3 KJV)

Thank you, Lord, for that reminder from my precious granddaughter as she experienced fear on a cold snowy night. Protect Brooke and keep her all the days of her life!