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A Charcoal Fire & the Smell of Redemption

Why make someone relive his or her sin, why not just ignore it?

Phil Ware continues his Saved at Sea series focusing on Peter's denials, his promises, his arrogance, his failure, and his restoration.

The Hard Process of Healing

Why do I have to do something this hard?

Max Lucado reminds us that we can get through this even if it involves forgiving the unforgivable -- both unforgivable sin and sinner.

Revisionist History

There is only person who can truely revise your history.

Revisionist history makes us look better but changes nothing about our past. Jesus does.

Father Forgive Them!

How can we do this? How can we not?

Phil Ware gives his applications on the seven sayings of Jesus from the cross for today's world and Jesus' followers.

Fifty Shades of Grace: Intimacy

What does God really want for us in intimacy

Phil Ware continues his series on fifty shades of grace and what God has in mind for us in marriage with sexual and physical and spiritual and emotional intimacy.

Letting Hatred Go...

Why do we hold onto the things that poison us the most?

Stacy Voss reminds us that we can let our bitterness and un-forgiveness poison us and steal our lives from us.

I Am Begging You to Do One Thing

There is only one thing I really want my non-beleiving friends to do

We are not asking you to adopt a moral code, go to church, or even "become a Christian." We are begging you to get back together with God.

You Can Stop Living in the Past

Far too many of us let our past control our future. It does not have to be that way.

Jesus makes all things new, including your past. The "good old days" are still ahead -- no matter what your past looks like.

The Best New Year Ever

How would you like to have the best New Year ever? Jesus can make it happen.

Pay off my biggest debt, restore my most important relationship, and find real meaning and purpose for my life. Now that would be the best New Year ever.

The Foolishness of 'Getting Even'

Does it really do you any good to get what you want in this circumstance?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that revenge is never sweet because it diminishes us.

Blame Game

What? I haven't done anything wrong...!

Phil Ware uses a traffic incident and a crazy, cursing woman to help him make a point about blaming others rather than owning our sin and asking forgiveness for it through confession.

When Home Makes a Heart Call

Do you have a bad case of homesickness?

Cathy Messecar describes how her son went to camp and didn't want to be there but wanted to come home and she makes a connection with the story of the prodigal son in Jesus' parable in Luke 15.

Lost and Found

If I lose a $20 bill, it doesn't matter if I still have two other ones. I want to find the lost one. God feels that way about us.

Just like we rejoice over finding lost money, God rejoices when lost people are found.

The Truth about Hypocrites at Church

They are why some won't come to church, but the truth about hypocrites is not what you think.

Hypocrites intentionally act different from what they say. That is not true about Christians.

Lose One and You're Done

What's true about the NCAA Basketball Tourney and life?

Phi Ware reminds us that while the one and done principle is true in much of life, Jesus changed it for us in regard to sin.

God Is Watching You... and That Is a Good Thing

What does God think when he watches your life?

God does not watch your life looking for a reason to condemn you. He watches to see how he can help you.

A Major Comeback?

How can this happen?

Phil Ware takes a weird note in his inbox and uses Johnny Cash and his comebacks to remind us that Jesus gives us the ultimate comeback, he forgives, purifies, and heals.

No God Could Forgive Me!

I'm bad and no god could forgive me!

There is a God who can forgive all the heinous acts anyone can perform. There is a God who allowed His only Son to save all of us by paying the price none of us deserved. There is a God who can take the worst sinner and transfer him or her into a forgiven

Can I Be Forgiven?

How do you deal with those feelings of remorse?

It doesn't matter what you have done. Your sins can be washed away. You can start over. God will cleanse you and give you a new life.

Time to Throw Away the Old Calendar

Love it or hate it... it is sure easy to live in the past.

Do not stay rooted in your past successes or failures. Instead, embrace the future God has planned for you.


Forgiveness is good for you!

Forgiveness is good for you. Resentment is harmful. The choice should be easy, yet we often find ourselves keeping a record of the wrongs done against us.

Tattletales, the Devil, and You

Satan wants to make sure you get what's coming to you. Not God.

Satan wants to tattle on us to God so we get what we deserve. God will not let him. Instead, he forgives our sin.

Prayer for 2014

Let's begin with prayer!

Rubel Shelly re-shares a prayer for the New Year and a fresh start on life.


Why would they let the person responsible for their son's death off the hook?

Phillip Morrison talks about the greatest Christmas gift of all, the gift of forgiveness.

Building a Culture of Honor: Accountability

Holding each other and ourselves accountable for our growth toward Jesus it often the forget piece in building a culture of honor.

Phil Ware continues his series on building a culture of honor with a focus on accountability -- both holding others accountable and holding ourselves accountable for our growth in the Lord.