Things were so much better back in the old days.” The reference may be about the economy, personal finances, culture, or any time in the past that seems better than today.

I cannot do anything to help anyone anymore. I am worthless.” You will hear some version of this complaint from old people. With failing health, limited mobility, and inability to do things that that they used to value highly.

The things that happened to me have ruined me forever.” Abuse, financial or natural disaster, divorce, or any number of other things can lead to this attitude.

But my past has ruined my future.” Broken relationships, addictions, and horrible choices all contribute to this feeling of hopelessness.

Living in the past, bound by the past, shackled by the past. Hopeless and helpless. But followers of Jesus do not have to live in the past. Here is why…

1. Jesus has forgiven our past. Our guilt and shame has been taken away. God says our sins have been removed as far as the east is from the west. We have story after story of healed relationships, new lives, and healing. As a Christian, your future is not defined by your past.

2. God is more powerful than anyone in your past. God gives new life through Jesus. Your identity is formed by Jesus and not by those who hurt you in the past.

Life just gets better and better.
3. God has purposes and plans no matter what stage of life you are in now. You pray for others, and be a living witness to God’s goodness as you age. God gives value and purpose to his followers every day.

4. The future will always look better than our past. Someday this world will cease to exist. Christians will be in the presence of God forever. Nothing in your past is better than that.

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