It happens all the time. People often remember or tell a different version of events than what really happened. Most people recognize that this happens. Winners write the history, so they were always just, noble, and right. Your great-grandparents walked ten miles to school in the snow — uphill both ways. 12,000 people claim to have witnessed a game in a stadium that only holds 8,000. Everyone saw it coming; whatever it was.

It is called Revisionist History.

The funny thing is that revisionist history always makes us look smarter, better, moral, and right. No one does revisionist history to make himself look worse. But the fact still remains that telling a different version of events does not change reality. It does not in fact alter what was done, or the consequences, or the character of the people involved.

That is true about our sin as well. No amount of revisionist history changes what you did. The guilt and the consequences remain. Unless…

Jesus is the one way to revise history. And here is how he makes your past different


  1. The blood of Jesus takes away the guilt of your sin. It is as if it never happened.
  2. Life in Jesus helps you to manage the consequences of your sin. Relationships can be healed, your mess can become your message, and joy, peace, hope, and purpose can be yours.
  3. Jesus can change your past into a different future.
  4. Jesus changes you. You can become a different person than you have been. God’s forgiveness, following Jesus, and the work of the Holy Spirit can make you into a new person.

If you would like to revise your past, contact me. I can share how Jesus did that for me and countless others. And I can help you see how he can do that for you. Write to me at or visit our website.

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