Maybe Christians have confused the issue. Or maybe non-believers do not hear it clearly. But there is often a huge misunderstanding about what Christians want non-believers to do. Sometimes there is a belief that Christians want everyone to follow a certain moral code. Or that what Christians want is for everyone to go to church. Sometimes it is even said by us that we want everyone to become a Christian. And even that can be confusing. What exactly does “become a Christian” even mean?

So what do we Christians want others to do? There is one thing above all else. In fact, it is not something we just want or desire for you. It is not something we want to ask you to do. It is the one thing we are begging you to do.

Get back together with God.

God made you, God loves you, and God wants to be in relationship with you forever. But our sin has separated us from God. So God is in the business of bringing us back together. He uses his Son, Jesus Christ, to do that. If you are in Christ, God does not count your sins against you.

So I am begging you…

Get back together with God.

If you want to know more about the gift of Jesus to reconcile you and God, I would be honored to visit about it.

Or we can talk about how to receive this gift.

But if you are not yet a follower of Jesus…

I am begging you: get back together with God.

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