One thing is true for each of us: we have not done everything that we should have done, and we have all done things we should not have done. Not only have these failures resulted in guilt, shame, and remorse, but they have also come between us and God. We are separated from God because of our bad decisions and wrong choices — our sin.

But you do not have to stay estranged from God. He loves you so much that he took the initiative to bring you back to himself. He has taken action to restore your relationship. God has made it possible for you to live with him forever.

So if you have ever had that sense that you and God are estranged, or that your life has not been lived as well as it could have been — then I have good news for you. In fact, it is more than good news, it is the best news ever. This message of good news is explained clearly in your Bible. You can read one announcement of this news in the second Corinthian letter (2 Corinthians 5:16-21).

Here it is:

  1. God does not count our sins against us if we are in Christ. If you are a Christian, a follower of Jesus, your sins will never be held against you. You are forgiven.
  2. This forgiveness is possible because God made Jesus — the one who had no sin — to be sin for us. Jesus took your sin on himself and paid for those sins when he died on the cross. This act enables us to be restored to a right relationship with God.
  3. So we are reconciled to God through Jesus. We are brought back to God by his gift of love in letting his Son die for our sins on the cross.

So if you have never believed this good news, I am begging you to be reconciled to God through Jesus. You can be in a right relationship with God. I can help you do that.

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God is fixing our broken relationship. Best news ever.
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