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Resistance Is NOT Futile!

Have you given resisting a try lately?

Patrick Odum reminds us that overcoming temptation requires us to resist the devil, but he also adds some other insights from James' famous passage about overcoming temptation by being honest about oursleves and our need for God.

Last Will and Testament

What did you get in the will?

Alan Smith tells the story of a wild will and how Jesus' last will and testament is far different and far better!

Who Needs a Stress Test?

Where is your heart?

We need to take care of our hearts, both physically and spiritually

The Happiness Test

How happy are you ... really?

How happy are you today? You can be happier if you will take care of your soul!


How can anyone say they have done all that they set out to do?

Jesus finished his work, accomplished his mission, completed his task, passed his test, and when his life was over he was victorious.

Hoof, Anvil, Fire, Wall, or Junk Pile

Where did you put your faith?

Our faith can either be real and shaping us to be useful to God or it can be discarded or nothing more than a good luck charm.

The Three Envelopes

What is in your mail this week?

God has a message of comfort for you in His word if you will only read it.

The X-odus Files: Wanderers or Warriors

So how do you impact culture?

God wants us to leave behind our wanderer and slave mentality and take on the attitude of a spiritual warrior: it's time to leave our terminal mentality.

Afraid to Speak Up?

What would keep you from putting in a good word for Jesus?

We must always be willing to speak up for Jesus!

Removing the Evidence

Have you hidden the evidence or are you open with God?

Hiding sin doesn't help anyone so let's come clean before God.

The Strawberry

Why eat a strawberry when pursued by a cougar?

God is in control and our job is to make the most of the life we are given.

Handling Life's Storms

What happens when the strom won't let up?

The way we handle life's storms can be a powerful witness to those around us just like Stephen's life was.

Oh You Light of Mine!

What can of light do you owe the world?

We all need to be a little more ready and intentional about letting our light shine before others, but we also know and willingly bear the consequences.

Class Now in Session

Are you willing to join Jesus in the Garden?

Jesus faced the fight we all face in the garden of gethsemane so we should be willing to fight that same fight and not give up!

On the Test?

Does it matter if we don't do some things that are hard

Imagine that we all approached life with the attitude of, "If it's not on the test then I'm not going to learn it."

Pixelated Perfection

Is there someone out there who is really digitally perfect?

Let's not make our ideal, our goal, into a bludgeoning stick -- but instead, let's keep working for God's goals in our lives.