For the happy heart, life is a continual feast. (Proverbs 15:15 NLT)

Someone asked me to take Jeremy Daniels' happiness test. It begins this way:

  • "In most of ways, is your life close to the ideal?"

And we're to answer with one of the following:

A. Strongly agreeB. AgreeC. Slightly agreeD. Don't agree at all

Now follow up that first question with these questions.

  • "Are the conditions of your life excellent?"
  • "Are you satisfied with your life?"
  • "Have you gotten important things in life you wanted?"

Now take inventory on how you did! Do you look pretty happy? Is there room for a little happiness improvement?

Jeremy goes on to suggest the following ten ways he believes we can be happy:

  1. Savor the moment.
  2. Take control of your time.
  3. Do you look pretty happy?
  4. Re-program your mind.
  5. Leave time for love.
  6. Act happy.
  7. Don't vegetate.
  8. Get moving.
  9. Get rest.
  10. Give priority to close relationships.
  11. Take care of your soul.

I think that last one should have been number 1! Faith is always the key. Happiness has always been living our lives, aligning our will with the will of God, and tuning our soul to heaven's grace.

Aren't you ready for a little of God's real happiness?