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Overcoming the Greater Pandemic: From Guilt to Forgiveness

A genuine disciple, and especially an apostle, follows the path of Jesus who gave up his life to seek, serve, and save the lost.

James Nored in video, and Phil Ware using the Scriptures, remind us of the beauty and the cost to God of saving us and forgiving us, and giving us a new life.


How can such a discovery, no matter how badly dirt-encrusted and stained, not be seen as a genuine treasure?

Phil Ware tells us a simple story of a mother's love to remind how our Father sees us as his treasure.

A Spiritual MRI

Can I let go of my regrets, guilt, and shame?

Max Lucado reminds us that we can ask God to both examine us and cleanse us; such is the grace of grace!

Sin and Grace

Do we really need either of these? Absolutely yes!

Rubel Shelly writes about Pope Francis and the year of pardon for abortion and other sins that is available and how the world doesn't seem to get sin and wrong doing and guilt.

Blame Game

What? I haven't done anything wrong...!

Phil Ware uses a traffic incident and a crazy, cursing woman to help him make a point about blaming others rather than owning our sin and asking forgiveness for it through confession.

When Home Makes a Heart Call

Do you have a bad case of homesickness?

Cathy Messecar describes how her son went to camp and didn't want to be there but wanted to come home and she makes a connection with the story of the prodigal son in Jesus' parable in Luke 15.

Old Clothes and New Life

Do not get so used to the old that you fail to experience the new.

Old clothes are comfortable and you get so used to them you do not realize how good new clothes are. Life is like that too.

The Awful Shame of Shame

When guilt is right and why shame can be destructive!

Rubel Shelly reminds us that feeling guilty isn't necessarily bad, but shame can be destructive and lead to denial or living a self-fulfilling prophecy about our badness.

Where to Place the Blame

Where do you unload the baggage and guilt of our mistakes?

Russ Lawson talks about unloading the blame and guilt of our sin by admitting it and trusting God to handle it, completely.

East from West

How far can our sin be gone?

Warren Baldwin shares insights into Psalm 103 and the grace of God that delivers us from sin and guilt and shame.

Clearing a Path

Who is clearing your path?

There are so many times in life that the world around me is full of confusing messages. It's hard to know which way to turn and it seems impossible to find my way. The good news is that as a Christian I have someone to clear the path ahead for me.

Unity in Christ

In our relationship with Christ, what unites us all?

Summertime is a great time of the year! There is nothing I enjoy more than spending a day at the swimming pool, having a cookout in the park, watching my favorite baseball team play late on a warm evening and watching the neighborhood kids play without th

I'm Sorry, Butt ...

When is I'm sorry not an apology?

Hal Runkel reminds us that we can issue an apology and actually use it to beat up someone else in the process by transferring the focus of the guilt from ourselves to someone else and this is fake and mean and bullying.

Run and Don't Burn Out!

Can you keep running and not grow weary?

Burn out seems to happen more and more frequently, but when see why it happens, we realize that folks are losing sight of the goal and are often motivated for the wrong reasons.

Jury Duty

When can a conviction lead to an acquittal?

A murder trial ends up in a conviction and acquittal because of a conversion!

Guilt by Any Other Name

How do we get rid of it?

We can try all sorts of things, but only Jesus can take our guilt away.

The Truth in Broken Glass

Looked at your fingerprints lately?

Sometimes we have to come face to face with someone else's guilt to see our own.

Blaming Others

Who really is responsible?

We need to quit blaming others and take responsibility for ourselves.