I've learned there is a certain art to clearing a pathway. I'm an expert at clearing paths through people, storms, bushes, and just about anything else you can think of. I've always been willing to step out and be the first to go into unknown territory. The number one rule in clearing a good path is to always keep moving. There is nothing that will cause panic quicker than getting half way into the unknown and to see your leader get lost and stop. No matter what happens, keep moving forward! Change directions maybe, but always keep moving.

There are so many times in life that the world around me is full of confusing messages. It's hard to know which way to turn and it seems impossible to find my way. The good news is that as a Christian I have someone to clear the path ahead for me. Jesus who came to earth has cleared a path through the snags and traps of this life. He was tempted and tricked in every way possible, but kept moving forward. Jesus has cleared a path through this world that leads straight to God. The example of Jesus' life is the only guide we'll ever need.

Just like the rule I use when clearing a path, Jesus never faltered as he pushed toward his goal. There were times of great trial and confusion, but he remained strong and continued to move forward. After fasting and praying for 40 days, Jesus was tempted by Satan, but he remained strong. While praying in the garden, Jesus knew that his betrayal was only hours away and he pleaded for another direction, but he never quit moving toward the goal of fulfilling God's will. When everyone had abandoned him and his mother stood at the foot of the cross, he never turned from his purpose; Jesus pressed forward and cleared a pathway of righteousness, a path that we could have never found any other way.

You have made known to me the paths of life;

you will fill me with joy in your presence.

Acts 2:28

Jesus who came to earth has cleared a path...
You may have felt lost in this world like I did, but the good news of Jesus is for us all. I have found the way. I found the man to follow and his name is Jesus. He's shown that he can survive every power of Satan and all we have to do is follow his example. The path to God is narrow and it's easy to get lost, but just remember to follow Jesus and keep moving forward!

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