I will admit it right up front. I like my old clothes. I appreciate the fact that I am comfortable in shirts and pants that are familiar. When I get new clothes as a gift, I say “thank-you” and then hang them in the back of my closet. Recently my wife cleaned out my closet and my clothes drawer. She threw away some of my favorite shirts. I could not find my comfortable pants. And my dresser draw was full of new underwear and socks.

So there was not really much choice. I was forced into wearing a new wardrobe. And I was shocked. I liked the new things. They felt better than the old stuff. They looked better too. My new shirts were even comfortable. I never would have believed it. I had gotten so used to the old clothes that I did not even realize how bad they were. I thought frayed cuffs and pants that could not hold a crease were normal. My wife told me I would love having new clothes. I just did not believe it.

Thinking that my old clothes were the only way to dress was wrong. I had been deceived. I did not know what I was missing.

Life is like that sometimes. Old patterns and making the same old choices. It seems normal. It may be we believe everyone lives that way. It is comfortable because we do not know there is a different way. You live so long with guilt and shame that feeling useless and worthless seems normal, even comfortable.

Until someone helps us to see what we are missing. Life with purpose and hope. Life lived with peace and joy.

The way life has always been is not the way it has to stay.
Jesus offers new clothes… new life. It is a life that is better than you ever dreamed. And it is real. I would love to visit with you about how to find that new life. Write me at steve@hopeforlife.org. Or visit our website at www.hopeforlife.org.