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Beginning in Endings: End of Years, Rebirth of Joy!
At our Christmas candlelight service — led mostly by our children — one of our older members led a special ... (read more)

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Thank You, Jesus!
Thank you for coming to our world, Jesus. Thank you for coming in such an everyday and humble way, not as a superstar too good for... (read more)

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Beginnings in Endings: Mary Did You Know?
Mary's simple life ended when she said, "Yes!" to God. But most of God's great beginnings are in endings. And this was true of Mary... and Joseph.... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

When Our Star first Began to Shine
This time of year, thousands of kids will dress up in bathrobes and strange hats and play the part of the wise men, the ... (read more)
Moving beyond the Ashes
A drought across much of the country left our forests vulnerable. After a few lightning strikes and a few careless... (read more)
The Long Wait
I am glad that Thanksgiving is followed by Christmas... a holiday of giving thanks is followed by a ... (read more)
Coming Home
In just a few hours, he will be coming home. His room is ready, the plans are made, the waiting is nearly done. But, it's different being on... (read more)
Wilbur was a sweet man with a serious countenance — those who didn't know him would call him dour or crusty... (read more)
Getting Our Worship Cart out of the Ditch
Anger! Wow was he mad — furious, livid, scorched, choose your favorite term — at God.*1 David had wanted to bring ... (read more)
God's Bridge to better Things
"Well, uh, we certainly do appreciate your work and your dedication. And, uh, you've been a great example of a ... (read more)
The Grace that Brought Us Jesus
Wham. Wham. Wham. You can hear the nail gun of life's hard realities driving sharp nails into the heart of Naomi. Each blast of the nail gun leaves... (read more)
The Swirly Cycle of Destruction
Down the drain! If you want to know which direction your toilet flushes on either side of the equator, the answer is very simple: at the end of the swirly ... (read more)
We Felt like Grasshoppers
Pretty descriptive, isn't it? "Alongside them we felt like grasshoppers!" From God's perspective, it was a description of faithlessness: faithlessness with a... (read more)
Caught between Glory and Grumbling
Over thirty five times! That's nearly one for every year they wandered. And that's the ones the Holy Spirit chose to mention. Who knows how many... (read more)
Jesse's Visit with Jesus
Jesse was an old cobbler. His wife, Violet, had long ago left him to go be with Jesus. His few friends were the rambunctious kids in the poor neighborhood... (read more)
You Want to Use Me?
God delights in taking the most unusual circumstances to choose the most unlikely people to do the most extraordinary things. Don't believe me? Try... (read more)
More than just a Bag of Bones
How are you at finishing? Got a bunch of hanging and uncompleted projects? Get a bunch of things started and then forget them or... (read more)
Moments of Decision
We all face moments of moral decision. These decisions often frame the future of our lives in ways we cannot foresee. Satan, the liar and ... (read more)
When someone does us wrong, something in our human nature erupts. We want to "get" the person or people who have "gotten"... (read more)
Out of Chaos
"Chaos! That's what my life was before I came to the home. It was chaos." His first words were emphatic and full of emotion. He continued... (read more)
Enter The Story
God's grace shows up in the strangest places and surprises us with its simple transforming power. Four times in the last month, with four ... (read more)
Meeting Immanuel
We settle for so much less than God wants for us. So often this is because we will simply not let go of our own... (read more)
I AM: The Way
We all carry around baggage, don't we? We normally think of baggage as bad stuff… stuff that weighs us down and gets in our ... (read more)
We Doubt...
We doubt. Sure, sometimes we doubt things about God, that's part of being a thinking believer for many of us who are trying to understand ... (read more)
I AM: Stay Connected!
I had to do it, but trimming trees in late July in West Texas sure feels sacrilegious — we don't have many trees and it's a hard time for... (read more)
Why Go?
Our team is back from Peru and our mission to The Community. It's a long, tiring trip and an exhausting, though exhilarating, week. Many of us... (read more)
What Kind of Church?
Apparently, John Mark's mother made sure he had been around great men of God from his teenage years; that's why he wanted to be a great ... (read more)
I AM: God's Handwritten Messages from Heaven - Bottom Line Faith
The more we know about our incredible universe, the more amazing it truly is! King David, ever the observant shepherd said ... (read more)
I AM: God's Handwritten Message from Heaven - Light
Seven miles down in the density of earth's deepest darkness, James Cameron steered his one man exploration submarine, Challenger Deep, into the vast expanse of the... (read more)
I Am: Handwritten Messages from Heaven - Fear
The command, "Do not fear!" or "Fear not!" or "Do not be afraid!" is one of the most frequent commands in the Bible. Clearly, God ... (read more)
I AM: God's Handwritten Message from Heaven - Bread
Have you ever been on a cruise ship? Let me warn you, most folks who take a cruise gain 6-8 pounds. That, in and ... (read more)
Handwritten Message from Heaven: I AM
He had it all — father of two girls, a loving wife, a TV show, editor for a high tech magazine, very respected in the high-tech community ... (read more)
Greater Things: Boldness
"How many times have I driven past that and never knew it was there?" "We've been in the same church for years, but one ... (read more)
What's the Goal Here?
Many years ago, my dad bought a small camper trailer and we set out from Texas to go to Michigan on a family vacation... (read more)
Greater Things: Presence
How do you feel about surprises? Some folks love them. Some people hate them. Some of us ... well, we hate some and love others. I've had surprises that ... (read more)
Greater Things: Devotion
I know, this sounds a lot like a rah-rah religious poster you'd find in a Christian bookstore that makes you feel good, but you are not sure you really ... (read more)
Mary Magdalene wasn't even sure exactly why, but she was coming in the pre-dawn darkness to the tomb of Jesus. It was early on Sunday ... (read more)
Nicodemus and Joseph Save Easter?
Nicodemus had heard a rumor that Annas and Caiphas were going to illegally call a secret night meeting of their closest allies among the ... (read more)
Everything on the Line
What would you do if you knew you had the power and money to do anything you want & your time was short? Would you ... (read more)
Life on the Brink
As human beings, we are all going to fail at our most fundamental human tasks: we cannot keep our bodies alive and we cannot ... (read more)
More than Mr. Rogers
No one is more beloved for his TV career than Mr. Rogers. His soft, direct, kind and tender words to children communicated to ... (read more)
Eyes Opened!
Why, with such a great promise, would we ever miss this opportunity? Why, with so much at stake, would we ever abuse this ... (read more)
Faith on the Way Home
"Faith is the bird that sings, while it is still dark, in anticipation of the dawn." I am not sure where I first heard this or even who first ... (read more)
As Different as...
They were legends in the marriage and family field. One of them, my dad's first cousin, looked at our pre-marital inventory results shaking ... (read more)
When Water Becomes Wine
Each moment is crowded with eternal significance, yet our eyes are often blind: we expect only what is predictable. We miss God's grace in the ... (read more)
More than Words
We were tired — exhausted would be the more accurate description. We had just returned from a week of working with about 100 volunteer ... (read more)
Open Doors, Open Hearts
Thirteen time zones from home and suffering a bit of jet lag, I awakened early this morning at 4:00. For the next hour, I tossed and turned ... (read more)
Better Broken: Forgiveness and Power
We all can make a mess of things. It starts when we are young. We don't even have to try to make a mess — it's just what we do best sometimes. And our ... (read more)
Better Broken: 11!
11! "The Eleven" to be exact. That's how the apostles were known the seven weeks after Jesus' death. It was not a title of respect. Instead, it was a ... (read more)
Better Broken: The Plan
"You've gotta be kiddin' me!" That had to be the comment made by angels when Jesus returned to heaven. He was leaving the start of ... (read more)

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