Timely Truths (Page 2) 2005 Archives

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

What do you think they see?

People are watching us all the time and learn from watching what is important to us and to them.

Conquering our Fears

So how afraid are you?

Fear and faith are often enemies and fear is often addressed by the Bible and by Jesus -- let's not be afraid!

In the Presence

What do you go to church to do?

We need to remember that when we assemble, God joins us and it is a holy moment.

Words of Wisdom

Where do you get your wisdom?

Spiritual wisdom only comes from God and His Word.

Signs of Life

Are you fit to attend this church?

Sometimes we need to be reminded that church is a place for sick and broken people, not perfect ones.

What I Dun in Texas!

Are you a person of talk or action?

A cowboy helps us ask ourselves whether or not we are all talk or if we walk the talk?

A Difficult Word

What's your toughtest word to spell in your lifestyle?

One way to learn the art of reconciliation is to look at the word as meaning re-cancellation -- cancelling the debt, the sin, the hurt between us and another.

Use or Lose!

Are you using what God has given you?

God has given us all special abilities. If we use them, then God is glorified, but if we don't, we'll lose those abilities.

What's Her Name?

Do you know your janitor's name?

A story reminds us of how important it is to know people by their name and treat them with dignity.

Do Not Disturb!

How long would you wait?

Sometimes it seems that we can't get through to God no matter how long we wait on him.

Afraid to Speak Up?

What would keep you from putting in a good word for Jesus?

We must always be willing to speak up for Jesus!

Survival Life

How can we be the ultimate survivor?

We are all in a battle for survivor, but God can help us through.

Giving without Regret

How do you feel when the gift you gave is not appreciated?

Sometimes our gifts are treated with contempt, other times are misused, but either way, we are most like God when we give without strings attached.

Facing Adversity Over and Over

What do you do when you can't face the same thing again?

Sometimes the hardest times are when we face a repeated adversity or trial, but if we can hang in there the Lord will help us through.

Handling Rejection

Isn't it fun to be rejected?

We mustn't let rejection destroy us, but instead understand it is to be expected if we are truly Christians.

Poverty or Riches

Which do you prefer?

Money and our desire for it can get us in trouble; we must learn to be happy with little or much.

Fear of Death

What do you fear?

Jesus came to help us overcome the fear of death.

You Know How it Feels

Do you really know how it feels?

If we have been through a hard time, we know how it feels and God can use us to comfort others.

Not My Problem

When does the trip to the dentist bother you?

We need to let the word of God speak to us and not worry about applying it to everyone else.

Where Are You Going?

Where will you be when you finally arrive at your destination?

We need to know where we are trying to go spiritually if we ever hope to get there.

Weighed Down

What are you trying to carry around with you that is hindering you?

Most of us are trying to carry around things that don't matter very much and they are weighing us down from doing what God wants!

Showing God's Love

How can you communicate when you don't know the language?

Our actions nearly always speak louder than our words, especially when people cannot understand our words!

Deeper Than That

How deep is His love?

No matter how we understand God's love, it is deeper than we can imagine.


Some things you just need to run from!

God's word is clear: stay away from sexual immorality.