Timely Truths 2005 Archives

ToGather: Here, Near, and Far

The Lord is calling us to be his presence in the broken world.

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Seven Ages of a Married Cold

So how do you treat your honey when she or he is ailin'?

The years in marriage can sometimes mean that we take each other for granted; we mustn't let that happen.


Who would want to be born here?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a grimy, corrupt little town not known for anything important.

The Meaning of Christmas

What's it all about anyway?

Most folks don't have a clue about the meaning of Christmas.

Planning Ahead

Are you making your plans or trying to live God's plan?

So often we make all these elaborate plans and never think of allowing God room in our busy schedules.

If Payment is Delayed

Are youi willing to pay the price?

Putting off payments and not dealing with sin leads to disastrous results -- the payment always comes in.


WIll you give thanks, even for the leftovers?

We must never take for granted the great blessings we have been given by the hand of our gracious God!


So you started well, but how did you finish?

While starting well is important, finishing is the most important thing of all!

A Definite Maybe

Can you make up your mind?

God's promises are sure because he is always faithful.

Suing God

Would you take God to court?

A man sues God because he thinks he didn't get from God what he felt he deserved.

That's Disgusting

What's so awful about that?

We often take our own sin too lightly and need to be shocked into realization of how bad it is.

Out of a Sense of Duty

What is your motivation to serve?

Sometimes we just need to do things out of sense of duty to be faithful.

Beyond the 'Not Good'

When was the last time you emphasized how much he or she means to you?

God made men and women as complements of each other and we need each other.

Things I Learned from Noah

Can we really learn anything from Noah?

We must remember that faith should move us to obey and to act and to be faithful.

Who Will You Follow?

What sets the direction to your life?

Don't follow a blind guide dog!

Handling Rejection

How do you handle being rejected because you are a Christian?

There are times when we are going to be rejected because we are Christians.

Don't Forget!

How could we forget something this important?

In times of trouble, we need to remember our blessings so that we can bless others in need.

Think Before You Speak

Have you ever engaged your mouth before your brain was in gear?

The answers from Family Fued remind us of how stupid the things we say can be if we don't think about them first!

Born and Adopted

How are you a part of God's family?

We are both born and adopted into God's family!

How Do You Measure Yourself?

How do you measure up?

While we can measure many things in many ways, there is only one way to measure a Christian -- by the standard of Jesus!

You Be Jesus!

Who do you need to be like Jesus?

It's so hard to be Christ-like; we want everyone else to do it.

You Know!

Somethings you just have to know!

Somethings we just have to know because they are such a blessing.

A Better Offer

What's tempting you right now?

Satan offers us many shortcuts and temptations, but only God has a really better offer.

When I Was Your Age

What can you do now that you won't be able to do in 30 years?

Young and old both have things that they alone can do and both must be respected.

The Three Envelopes

What is in your mail this week?

God has a message of comfort for you in His word if you will only read it.

I See Dead People

Have you notice any strange odors lately at work?

There are spiritually dead people all around us.