Editor's Note: Okay, I know this isn't very seasonally tied, but our family decided to have Influenza A — otherwise known as the "wooly booger two week flu" — for Christmas and Tamiflu® for stocking stuffers. It's a pretty tough way to get out of fixing Christmas dinner. So as I looked through the amazing array of Alan Smith's articles, this one really caught my eye. Hope you have a healthy New Year, blessed by God and used for His purposes and kept far away from the wooly booger two week flu. However, if your beloved has a cold, this article is just perfect for you! — Phil

Today's bit of humor first appeared in The Saturday Evening Post a number of years ago. It reveals a sequence of actions where a husband reacts to his wife's colds during seven years of marriage.

1st year cold:
The husband said, "Sugar dumpling! I'm really worried about my baby girl! You've got a bad sniffle and there's no telling about these things with all the strep going around. I'm putting you in the hospital this afternoon for a general check-up and a good rest. I know the food is lousy there, so I'll be bringing you food from Tosini's. I've already got it all arranged with the floor superintendent."

2nd year cold:
"Listen, darling! I don't like the sound of that cough! I've called Dr. Miller to rush over here. Now you go to bed like a good little girl just for Poppa."

3rd year cold:
"Maybe you better lie down, Honey. Nothing like a little rest when you feel lousy. I'll bring you something. Do you have any canned soup?"

4th year cold:
"Now look dear, be sensible! After you've fed the kids, washed the dishes and finished vacuuming, you'd better lie down."

5th year cold:
"Why don't you take a couple of aspirin?"

6th year cold:
"If you'd just gargle or something, instead of sitting around barking like a seal!"

7th year cold:
"For Pete's sake, stop sneezing! Are you trying to give me pneumonia!?"

Things do change over the years!
Things do change over the years, don't they? May I encourage those of you who are married to do something special for your spouse as you begin the new year. Write a sweet note or buy a card. Pick up some flowers or a small gift. (Yes, I know, be prepared for a response like, "What did you do now, wreck the car?") Just make a conscious effort not to take one another for granted. And do it more than just this next week. Pencil it in and make it habit.

Those of you who aren't married, sorry, I have no words of wisdom for you today. But, print this out and save it. Who knows when it may come in handy! :-)

"You husbands must love your wives with the same love Christ showed the church. He gave up his life for her." (Ephesians 5:25 NLT)"... train the younger women to love their husbands ..." (Titus 2:4)