Timely Truths (Page 2) 2004 Archives

We Did It Last Year

Doing the same thing the same way often means the same results!

We can and must learn from our mistakes!

Missed Opportunities

Don't sit there waiting for the right horse to come along!

If we wait too long for the right opportunity to come along, we'll miss our chance to serve, bless, and help!

What Is That Supposed to Be?

What in the world is that, anyway?

Sometimes we're like modern art: the artist has in mind what he wants, but no one else can tell what or who we are supposed to be.

Honesty Search

How frequently do you and lie?

Losing What You Started With

Have we lost signt of what we really intended to do?

So often we end up forgetting why we started something and do away with it just to keep up all the commotion.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Can you resist the urge to speak when you shouldn't?

Sometimes we need to keep our mouths shut and not say a word!

Add-On Options

What needs to be added to your options?

God doesn't charge us for his extras -- aren't you glad!

Second Chances

If you're breathing, God's given you one of these!

If you can breathe today, you've been given another day and another second chance at going God's will right!

Great Hope

What kind of hope do you have?

We don't grieve as those who have no hope because we have great hope in Jesus' resurrection.

Valuable Possessions

How many do you have?

We have been blessed with so many wonderful things by God.

Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Where does your train ride end?

While we may know who we are, unless we know whose we are, we don't know our ultimate destination.

Who Are You Trying to Impress?

So who are you showing out for?

Trying to impress others nearly always means we embarrass ourselves.

The Contented Fisherman

So what's your reward?

This fisherman has learned the real meaning of the word contentment.

Beautiful Scars

Can ugly scars be beautiful?

Jesus' scars are beautiful to those of us it has saved.

Too Many Rocks?

Are there too many rocks in your mountains?

The heavens declare God's glory, it's just our complaints that get in the way!

On the Test?

Does it matter if we don't do some things that are hard

Imagine that we all approached life with the attitude of, "If it's not on the test then I'm not going to learn it."

Keeping Our Mouths Shut

Can you keep your mouth shut?

Even though it can be very difficult, we must learn to control our tongue or it will cost us.

Be Polite to All People

Whatever happened to plain ol' Christian courtesy?

As Christians, we must learn to be polite people, even though politeness and courtesy is disappearing in our modern society.

Foolish Trade

What are you trading away of great value?

So often we trade what is invaluable for that which is worth nothing.

The Truth Behind Fancy Words

What lies behind the words we use to describe ourselves?

The truth is often not found in the fancy words we use about ourselves; what matters is the heart.

Cloning the Son of God?

Surely this can't be done in the test tube or research laboratory?

Jesus is much more than his DNA: even this hoax can't begin to explain Jesus as God's Son.

Loving Like Jesus

Can you sit cross-legged on the floor?

Loving like Jesus means that we love the forgotten, the unlovely, the left out, the marginalized.