Timely Truths 2004 Archives

ToGather: Here, Near, and Far

The Lord is calling us to be his presence in the broken world.

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Our Motivation

Old farmer wisdom strikes again?

While heaven and hell, punishment and reward, may be motivation for our behavior, eventually God wants us to be motivated by love.

One of Us

Who would ever believe he would do it?

Jesus faced what we face in death so that we know he knows us.

Removing the Evidence

Have you hidden the evidence or are you open with God?

Hiding sin doesn't help anyone so let's come clean before God.

Do You Know Who I Am?

Would you know if someone didn't tell you?

We are God's children and that sense of identity should be crucial in our lives.

How Lazy Can You Get?

Just how much of a slacker can a person be?

Don't put it off; our disease is often the disease of laziness!

Open My Ears

Do you need Jesus' help to hear?

While many folks can hear, they often don't listen and refuse to hear the things they most need to hear.

A Look in the Mirror

Looked in the mirror lately?

A mirror helps us see what we need to correct; God's word is that mirror for our spiritual behavior.

Return to Your First Love

Was it more exciting when you first began?

While time and daily life may wear away the newness of a marriage or our first love to Jesus, we can and must recapture it.

Searching for God

You may have already won!

We can find God and receive his blessings if we are truly seeking after him!

Getting Even

What happens when you try to

When we try to get even for a past slight, it will nearly always come back to haunt us!

Who is Flying the Plane?

Who is your pilot?

If anyone controls our life but Jesus, then our life is headed for disaster.


Have you accepted the Lord's invitation?

God has extended an invitation to you, have you accepted?

Dealing with Stress

What is the key to surviving stress?

There are lots of sources of stress and impatience in our lives, but circumstances must not determine our attitude.

It Was My Arm's Fault!

Can you just leave your arm behind?

We are the body of Christ and we can't all be the same and can't we leave anyone behind.

Good and Perfect Gifts

Bet you couldn't get the wrinkles out of these pants!

Some people give crazy gifts, but God gives great gifts, but do we stop and thank Him for them?

Blaming Others

Who really is responsible?

We need to quit blaming others and take responsibility for ourselves.

Whose Advice Do You Seek?

Who do you listen to when it matters most?

Listen to the Lord, don't seek the advice of those who don't truly know the truth.

A Morning Prayer

What can you include in your morning prayer?

We need the Lord's help if we are going to be his people throughout the day; so let's start the day with prayer.

Finding Joy in Sacrifice

How much joy do you get out of sacrifice?

Sacrifices that allow us to share in the life of God should bring us joy.

God Knows!

What do you not want anyone else to know?

God knows all about us and will make it all public one day.

Obsessed to Death

Can obsession claim you body and soul?

We can get so caught up in wanting more that we kill ourselves.

Blind or Forgetful?

Which one is worse of the two?

Some are blind, but worse are those of us who see and don't give thanks for our blessings!

You Can't Do That!

So it can't be done?

How many times have we not done something the Lord wanted us to do because someone said it can't be done?

Can't Please Everyone

Who are you trying to please?

You can't please everyone, so try to please God!

Sometimes We Have to Eat Our Words

This is not something you want to have to choke down!

We can't understand everything and we can't fix everything and being in the presence of God helps humble us to that truth.