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Last Lights on the Tree

With the Christmas lights reflection, what do you remember?

Phil Ware looks at the reflection of the Christmas tree lights in his quiet and darkened house and reflects on the grace God has brought into his life this past year.

Getting There

How do you get people to listen to God?

Moses had to lead the Israelites, getting them to listen to God. We, too, must impress the words of God upon the hearts of our rag-tag, motley, sinful portion of humanity.

Something Fresh

Don't you want more than something new?

Katha Winther shares insights on the New Year, fresh starts, and God's work of salvation in us!

Do You Know You Are Loved?

Holes in our hearts and hope for heaven.

Rubel Shelly writes about a great friend and follower of Jesus, Dr. Everett Blanton.

Joy to the World!

With the birth of Jesus, we enter a gritty world that we know is our own.

Phil Ware continues his series called When Spirit Becomes Flesh and he focuses on the grit and real world feel of the birth stories and also the joy that comes from Jesus' birth.

Gifts, Giving and the Greatest Giver

It's more blessed to give…

People like to give gifts at Christmas and all year round. That's because our God is a giving God, and it feels good to do things that are like God.

Winter Wonderland

Is it too late to keep them from stealing away your wonder?

Rick Brown writes about a rare snowfall in Houston and how the wonder of it all, then the reality and boredom of it all, parallel the sense of wonder we have with Jesus.

Touched by an Angel

Have you received or given this touch?

Ron Rose talks about the angels and holy moments in our lives and calls us to recognize them and be them for those who need a touch of God's grace.

Communion and Christmas

What does all of this mean ... to you and me ... today?

Danny Sims shares insights into what God is saying in Jesus using the Communion we share at Christmas.

Heaven's Light

Can you find that light that chases away the shadows?

Phil Ware continues his series on When Spirit Becomes Flesh and talks about Jesus as heaven's light.

Lies I Like

We want to beleive the lies that let us do what we want.

Satan feeds us lies that let us feel good about doing what we really wanted to do all along.

Beyond Understanding

What do you do with what you cannot fully fathom?

Bill Sherrill comes along and gives us a reminder and a dose of humility so that we can understand that God is beyond our ability to comprehend.

Christmas Tranquility?

The scene looks calm and bright, but what if my life doesn't?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that Christmas is about God getting involved in our messy world with us.

Face of God?

How do we recognize God when He shows up in our world?

Phil Ware takes an incident of love and laughter with his foster grandson and learns a powerful insight into God, who chose to let us see his face and hear his voice in Jesus.

Unspeakable Tragedy

Some things really don't matter that much

We need to be able to recognize what things are of mere passing importance and what things have eternal consequences.

Your Work as Service to God

Is my work really ministry?

Rubel Shelly reminds us that any vocation can be ministry if we approach it with intention and the honoring of God.

Dancing for Immanuel

Too small to see, but too great to miss!

Phil Ware begins a short series called When Spirit Becomes Flesh focusing on the birth of Jesus, the incarnation of God among his creatures, and the wonders of Christmas.

Thankful Turkeys

Post thanksgiving turkeys have much to be thankful for. So do we.

We sometimes fail to process how thankful we should be for what God has done to keep us from what we deserve.

SBNR: Spiritual But Not Religious

Can you really be this in the real world?

Rubel Shelly tackles the myth that you can be spiritual without being a part of a religious community, at least as a Christian.


I'm not sure I'm that trusting: are you?

Patrick Odum talks about a strange occurrence involving trust, a New York ad agency worker, a homeless man, and an American Express Card, which reminds us that God trusts us.

Glory Awaits

In this season of memories, what should we hold on to most tightly?

Phil Ware reflects on the death of his grandfather, Daddy Gordon, and remembers his father's passing away, and is reminded of the floods in life that can't sweep away our hope.

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks is the right thing to do

Giving thanks is good for us. More than that, it's the right thing to do.

Has Thanksgiving Been Co-opted?

We should give thanks?

Ron Rose reminds us about the importance of Thanksgiving.

The Curse of Life without Pain

Wouldn't life be better without it?

Rubel Shelly talks about pain and how life would be diminished without it.

For Such a Time as This!

Is this your time?

Phil Ware continues his series on Light on the Dark Side of the Mountain and uses Esther as a jumping off point for more talk about helping children and orphans.