Now that Thanksgiving is over, it occurs to me that turkeys are now the most thankful group to be found anywhere. They have survived another Turkey Day. Many of their fellow turkeys did not. You may be thinking that turkeys are not thankful, and you are probably correct. I am not even sure they are able to process that they should be thankful. They do not even know the danger they were in leading up to the holidays. Much like some of us.

I would imagine that many of you went through the process of everyone telling what they are thankful for this season. I am confident that Jesus was mentioned. It will not be the first time this season that His name will be brought up. After all, Christmas is coming. But I am not sure we really process how incredible it is that unholy people like us can live with a holy God forever.

Sometimes we even forget the danger we were in. My rebellion against God, my stubborn insistence that I do things my way, and my refusal to honor God should result in being separated from His presence forever. But he sent Jesus to bring me back. Now I get heaven, not hell. And that is a great thanksgiving story.

So I do want to be thankful for a God who lets my future be determined by His actions, not mine. And I do not want to take that for granted.

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I don't want to be a turkey. Do you?

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