Of course there are lies that I like! One of my favorites these days is that I do not need to go up to the gym because I am tired and need my sleep. So I will be healthier if I get my rest. Of course, the truth is that I am tired because I do not exercise enough. If I am not healthy, it has more to do with being out of shape and not exercising than it does with not getting enough rest. And I do not want anyone pointing out that I could go to bed earlier and be rested enough to get up and work out. No, I would rather believe the lie that getting up early to go to the gym is bad for me. Or here is another one of my favorites: I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings about their cooking so I should have at least one of every desert. Do not point out that most people’s feelings will in fact not be hurt. Do not mention the phrase “smaller portions” or “bite sized samples.” I want to eat desert and I like the lies that let me do what I want.

So I favor lies that enable me to do the things that are not good for me. I like lies that convince me that right is wrong … and wrong is right. Because then I can do whatever I want. And that is where the danger is. If not careful, I could even find lies that would enable me to follow Satan while claiming to follow God. In fact, if I were Satan and I really wanted people to not follow God, I would tell lies that accomplish that. And Satan has. He is the father of lies. He is the best liar I have ever heard. Here are some of his lies that I have heard about in the last few weeks.

He has convinced someone it is acceptable to divorce their mate because they are not happy, and God wants them to be with someone who does make them happy. Another person is visiting internet porn sites so they will not fight with their mate over sex because fighting hurts their relationship. Another wants to spend money they do not have because their children deserve nice things. Yet another will not go to church because of the hypocrites. And still another justifies treating people badly because they deserve it.

Someone is lying to these people, and they believe the lie. So be careful who you listen to. Satan is a liar, and his biggest lies are that Jesus is not real, God does not love you, and that this world is all there is. I don’t believe him, and I don’t want you to fall for his lies either.

God is truth. Listen to Him. Really listen.

Satan lies ... and he does it so well.
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