Most of us enjoy things that are fresh. There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the morning. Don't you enjoy wearing something new? Isn't it nice eating fresh, crisp lettuce or cracking open a new book on the Best Seller’s List? Don't you love to sleep on freshly washed sheets?  On the other hand, we don’t like old, stale stuff ... like bread. We aren’t interested in old and outdated news: we want the latest, breaking news alerts.


There’s something fresh about flipping a page over in our calendars to a new month. And, there’s something refreshing about putting up a new calendar with a brand new year before us. We can think positively about the wonderful new things that might occur in our lives in the New Year. It’s like getting a new lease on life — a new beginning, a fresh start.

Each year, I enjoy jotting down a few things I resolve to do differently. I want to motivate myself to accomplish something new, to try something different, or learn a new skill. I usually keep my list for a year and refer back to it — to see how well (or not) I did — as the year goes along.

Someone told me last year that her family had a tradition: they made twelve New Year’s resolutions each year — one for each month. It sounded like a fun and worthwhile challenge, so I made a list of twelve resolves. Since it was my own list (that no one else would see), I kept the items within reason making them neither too easy nor too hard. Last week, I found the list, and realized that I had accomplished five out of twelve.  I may keep the remaining seven on next year’s list, or challenge myself with something new.  


Have you resolved to do something new in 2011? What are you going to do with this fresh New Year?

Common resolutions are:

  • improve health (lose weight, eat better, quit smoking, etc.);
  • improve finances (get out of debt, save money);
  • improve career (get better job);
  • improve education (get good grades, better education, learn something new);
  • improve self (become more organized, reduce stress, be less grumpy, manage time better);
  • take a trip to some place you have never been;
  • take a mission or service trip to bless others;
  • improve service to others by volunteering to help in some way.

God will help us and give us guidance when we ask Him, so lets take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start on the New Year and then live it out each new day. Lets consider this reflection made by Jeremiah as we do:

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness (Lamentations 3:22-23). 

Let's not waste this opportunity for a fresh start.
We can live a life that is fresh and new every morning! This is the gift God gives us every morning. This is who we are in Christ!


Christians are brand-new people on the inside. The Holy Spirit gives them new life, and they are not the same anymore. We are not reformed, rehabilitated, or reeducated — we are re-created (new creations), living in vital union with Christ (Colossians 2:6-7). "At conversion we are not merely turning over a new leaf; we are beginning a new life under a new Master" ("Life Application Study Bible NIV notes).


What are you resolving to do in 2011? 

Who are you resolving to be in this fresh New Year?

Let's not waste this opportunity for a fresh start.