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Our Motivation

Old farmer wisdom strikes again?

While heaven and hell, punishment and reward, may be motivation for our behavior, eventually God wants us to be motivated by love.

A Gift Certificate for Jesus?

What have you come to offer Jesus?

The wise men brought gifts to Jesus that reflect their respect, time, thoughtfulness, and generosity -- but what kind of gifts do we give to Jesus?

Buy Your Own Gift!

Could you afford the price of this gift?

We couldn't pay the debt of our sin, so God paid it for us in Jesus, but will we accept this gift?

Living with the Gift

What difference does this gift make in your life?

God's gift of grace in Jesus' Christ carries with it the responsibility to live changed lives.

After the Christmas Lights are Gone

Will we follow Jesus now that Christmas is over and the New Year approaches?

We are called to live for Jesus after the Christmas lights quit twinkling.

The White Envelope: A Follow Up

When Christmas is more than Christmas.

Christmas can be a blessing even in the face of grief as the White Enevelope shows.

The White Envelope

Can we make more of Christmas than tinsel and gifts?

Christmas is about giving and not receiving, especially when we can give gifts that bless others and continue giving after we are gone.

My Christmas Present

What can we learn from a bad Christmas shopping experience?

Sometimes we get the service we suggest by the way we present ourselves to others.

O That Christmas Spending!

Is there more to the season than the spending?

We don't have to become Scrooge to be responsible at Christmas and yet still keep the meaning of the season.

What about Xmas?

What are we supposed to do about Christmas?

Knowing what to do about the birth of Jesus is quite a dilemma, however, we do need to acknowledge he was born and respond appropriately.

Happy Birthday Bro!

What are you supposed to do with those December birthdays?

We are thankful for our brothers' birthdays, but our Big Brother's birthday is the most important of them all.

Baby Worship

Why make such a long and costly trip to see a baby?

Why would anyone want to seek Jesus? Just to worship him!

Another Reason Not To ...

Why would anyone do that on national television?

The holidays, and life in general, are not about drinking.

One of Us

Who would ever believe he would do it?

Jesus faced what we face in death so that we know he knows us.

The Picture

What is the story behind this picture?

This once in a lifetime event occurred: Jesus was born and place in a manger.

Guilt by Any Other Name

How do we get rid of it?

We can try all sorts of things, but only Jesus can take our guilt away.

Damaged and Discarded

Can you find value in what has been discarded?

We can reclaim those who have been discarded and reclaim them for God.

Buried in My Old Attic?

Will this Christmas season be lost in things left behind?

Little things mean a great deal during the Christmas season. Let's not forget to do them.

Christ and Christmas

Is he in there for you?

You can't take Christ out of Christmas even if you try.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

What does your neighborhood look like?

What would happen if we matched our Christmas decorations spending with help for those in need?

Removing the Evidence

Have you hidden the evidence or are you open with God?

Hiding sin doesn't help anyone so let's come clean before God.

Make Every Day Like Christmas

Why can't every day be like Christmas?

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we lived as each day were Christmas?

It Only Comes with Rain

Some things we just can't do!

Only God can bring new life with refreshment through his holy spirit.

With Power

Is it more than just mere words?

The gospel is about a lot more than words -- without the power of a transformed life it means little.

Hard Winter Chill

Are you ready for the hard chill that's coming?

We can survive times of trouble, trials, and temptation if we prepare.