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Our Legacy

What are we leaving behind?

As women and mothers we can leave a legacy of faith for our children if we will commit to do so.

My Old Watch

Is there still time?

We must use all the time we have and not waste it because we can make a difference in the time we are given.

Do You Know Who I Am?

Would you know if someone didn't tell you?

We are God's children and that sense of identity should be crucial in our lives.

It Never Left

Where did your moon go?

Even when we cannot see the presence of God in our lives, he's always there!

Relationship Gardening

How does your garden grow?

Like a fine garden, a marriage relationship takes cultivation and care

A Lesson in Priorities

Would you have had the courage to make this right choice?

A coach's first responsibility is to coach his own son!

The One Left Behind

How in the world will you ever catch up?

So often we get behind and don't know how to catch up; how about listening to God and what he tells us?

Morning Glory

Do you know some late bloomers?

Sometimes it takes some people many years to truly bloom, but we must be patient because when they do it is senstational!

Trailing Me

Do you ever get out ahead of God and forget to listen for his voice?

Sometimes we try to fix things so hard that we get ahead of God!

How Lazy Can You Get?

Just how much of a slacker can a person be?

Don't put it off; our disease is often the disease of laziness!


What holiday has a message in its name?

Giving thanks should lead us to other forms of giving.

Taste and See

Have you tasted just how good it is?

Just as we enjoy the senses of taste and sight, we need to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Time for Thanksgiving

Isn't time to do this with everything else going on?

Thanksgiving is something that is needed, commanded, and celebrated: so let's give thanks.

The Lost Art of Giving Thanks

When's the last time you felt the joy of being truly thankful?

We need to recover the lost art of giving thanks and there are some steps we can take to do just that.

Quieted with His Love

Is there a place of calm and rest?

God has promised to know us and love us and quiet us with his love.

The Challenge to Just Be

Can you resist the urge to be in motion all the time?

So often, we try to face every challenge rather than to rest in the peace of the Lord's victory and just be.

Open My Ears

Do you need Jesus' help to hear?

While many folks can hear, they often don't listen and refuse to hear the things they most need to hear.

Home is Where ...

Who lives in your home?

We must not get too attached to home here on earth, it is just a temporary place and we are transients here.

Making a Friend

Can you love the unlovable?

If we are willing, we can love the unlovable and encourage them to know Jesus.

The Old Clock

What lesson can an old abandoned clock teach us?

Too many people are put on the back shelf of life and we need to find them and reclaim them just as Baranabas once did.

Running Out of Time

How much time do you have left?

We need to live with a greater sense of urgency and intention because salvation is nearer now than ever before.

Re-Thinking Election Strategy?

Can anything good come out of politics?

While we can get sickened by election rhetoric, sometimes good lessons can be learned from good men!

No Pain, No Gain

How does your shoulder feel?

Exercise can cause pain, but that pain is necessary to help us grow and see things more clearly.

A Look in the Mirror

Looked in the mirror lately?

A mirror helps us see what we need to correct; God's word is that mirror for our spiritual behavior.

The Truth in Broken Glass

Looked at your fingerprints lately?

Sometimes we have to come face to face with someone else's guilt to see our own.