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Christmas Is Near
Santa is prominent this time of year. So are Rudolph, Prancer, and the other reindeer. Frosty is big. I've even... (read more)

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Putting Up Christmas Lights
I put up Christmas lights every year. It is a lot of work and sore muscles. I grapple with burned out bulbs... (read more)

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Don't Just Wish It!
There IS a "Secret Santa." Perhaps you've heard of him. I got an email from him last year after I shared the following... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

Emotional Residue
Beware of emotional residue. Have you ever found yourself in a bad mood? It may even puzzle you. If you trace it... (read more)
Family Connection
Last year, the Thanksgiving I envisioned didn't happen. I thought our family in Virginia would be joining the rest of... (read more)
There's Always Almost Meatloaf
I know that this is a difficult time of the year for some people. It seems that the subject of every conversation... (read more)
10 Things to Do When Affairs Happen
This is why so many Relationship Affairs lead to divorce — no matter how strongly you tell the person that... (read more)
Under All These Masks
He never told us his name, that night. It's the way of the street. Concrete and asphalt and dark don't require... (read more)
Horrifying Halloween

Halloween was horrifying that dreadful night over ten years ago. However, the horror didn't have anything to do... (read more)
Improv Parenting
If you think about it, parenting really is similar to theater. In the space of two hours, you can experience comedy, drama, tragedy,... (read more)
Friendship and the Abundant Life
After a glorious day, camera in hand, exploring the beauty of Colorado Aspens in the fall, I sat at dinner witnessing... (read more)
The Dance of Life!
In his book, Dance Lessons for Zombies, Peter Hiett tells about the night Philip and Janet Yancey came for... (read more)
Long Fire
Like a teenager, September can't make up her mind. Her moody clouds, bursts of rain, can only be patiently... (read more)
The Greatest Gift of Gratitude
Oksana Chusovitina didn't expect to be competing in the Olympics this year. It's "been there, done that" for the... (read more)
Complete Joy!
I have known exceptionally joyful times. These include holidays, vacations, special family events, and special... (read more)
Hopes & Dreams
A number of years ago, I took a correspondence course in commercial art. I wanted to be an artist. Later, I took... (read more)
The Art of Saying, 'I am Sorry'
Apologizing doesn't come easy for some of us. We sometimes choke on the words, "I'm sorry." Well, in fact, sometimes... (read more)
Back-to-School Cool
It is easy to lose our cool during the transition of back to school, especially considering that it is roughly the... (read more)
Morgan Freeman was injured in a traffic accident the other day. Evidently he will be ok, which I was glad to hear... (read more)
I find children a wonderful source of inspiration. Children often demonstrate what we should be as adults or... (read more)
What Do You Treasure?
Years ago, when I was a child, my grandparents owned Overman's Shoe Repair and Sales shop in Springfield, Ohio. I have many... (read more)
Radical Love, Radical Forgiveness
I have a daughter that is a graduating senior in high school, so I was excited when it was announced that my... (read more)
When the New Babies Require Extra Care
As a young mother, I prayed for twins. Who would have guessed that in time, my prayer would be answered with... (read more)
Grand Slam?
The sun was setting on a March evening leaving a chill in the air. It was the last practice before the first game. A single... (read more)
When Your Heart is Breaking
Question: "Can you die of a broken heart?" Answer: "I don't know, but there are times when your heart is breaking that you wish... (read more)
Expectations are interesting. If we make them high, we can set ourselves up for disappointment. If we keep them low... (read more)
Irreconcilable Differences
Couples seeking a divorce often list "irreconcilable differences" as their reason for dissolving their marriage. They have... (read more)
Dead by Midnight?
It's a sobering thought, but what if you knew that your husband or wife, or son or daughter, or sister or brother... (read more)
Events and Emotions
We've all had hectic and trying times in our lives. Many of us have said, "What a bad day it was!" Have you ever... (read more)
Does the Dog Need To Be Petted
My wife is a dog lover. If I got hugged and kissed as much as her dog, I'd be a lot happier. Just kidding, but... (read more)
Navigating by GPS
Recently my son, Spencer, asked me to help him prepare for a psychology mid-term. Of course I said, "Yes." I have... (read more)
Opposite Day
The funny thing about irony is that it has a sense of humor. I should have known that the more I wrote about it, the harder... (read more)
God's Middle Name
Children are always a source of wonder to me; they see things in such a different light than we adults. My sister, Janet, shared this following... (read more)
You Know You're Getting Older When ...
Getting older, or maturing as we sometimes call it, seems to be a constant source of worry to some folks. Yet, no... (read more)
In Search of Love
I'm one of those people who decorate for Valentine's Day. Sam's and my wedding anniversary is either on the... (read more)
Did you hear about the fourteen-year-old, Laura Montero, whose appendix burst while she and her family vacationed... (read more)
Look Up!
was out hiking. It was very cold. The ground was frozen. As the sun was shining on the frozen ground, it began to... (read more)

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