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The Futility of Resolutions
Christmas is past, and the New Year is right around the corner. Have you made any resolutions yet? Researchers from the University of Scranton found that 40 to 45% of American adults make resolutions each year. They also found that only 75% of those resol... (read more)

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What Do You Do with Jesus at Christmas?
Realize that Jesus did not come to earth so we could celebrate a birthday. He came to save us from our sins. ... (read more)

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I have to confess: I like looking at extravagant Christmas gifts. Not out of any desire to give or receive them. I just like to marvel at what's available.... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Hope for Life'

Stray Dogs and Jesus
Spiritually we are unlovable, hungry, mangy, and slinking through life with our tail between our legs. ... (read more)
What Do You Say?
It's awkward isn't it? "Happy Thanksgiving" no longer applies. "Survive Black Friday" doesn't seem appropriate because you did. And since it's the last day of November it's a bit early to say "Merry Christmas". So we're stuck with "Season's Greetings" or ... (read more)
As Far as the East Is from the West
There are lots of reasons to give thanks. It doesn't always seem that way, but if we put our mind to it, we can usually think of more reasons for being thankful than for complaining.... (read more)
New Roofs and Jesus
Trying to live a new life without getting rid of the old life is not going to work well. It cannot. ... (read more)
How many people actually listen to the safety demonstration on an airplane? Nobody thinks that their plane is actually going to be involved in a crash. Besides, if you fly very often, you've heard the same spiel dozens of times. It almost seems like a was... (read more)
God Does Not Fix Everyone
So some people God fixes… some He doesn’t. What makes the difference? It is a choice. Our choice. ... (read more)
Two Questions
The sex was good, the rival eliminated, the baby bump was beginning to show and the whispers and gossip were flying. Then with a point of an aged finger and words that must have caused his head and heart to quake, "you are that man" everyone knew.... (read more)
The List
It's said that the opening of a book is extremely important. The writer needs to engage his readers from the outset, filling them with a desire to read more.... (read more)
Church Is a Wellness Center ... Not Just a Hospital
Church is where healing happens. It is where broken lives are restored. ... (read more)
People love stories. They love to hear them. They love to tell them. It seems to be natural. Have you ever met a child that didn't like stories? That didn't want to be read to at night?... (read more)
No Air Conditioning in a Heat Wave
Believe in Him and live with God forever. Choose not to believe and be separated from God forever.... (read more)
We are connected to our iPhones, iPads, iTouch, iTunes, iMac, iChat, but have we lost the connection to the I AM?... (read more)
Don’t Be Afraid; Just Believe
There's an amazing story about Jesus and a man named Jairus who was a religious leader, one of the rulers of the Jewish synagogue. At that time, that would have made him unlikely to go see someone like Jesus. But Jairus went.... (read more)
So What exactly Do I have to Do?
We make a series of choices every day based on the relationship we have with Jesus. ... (read more)
Where Are You Going?
On a recent trip to Florida, I heard someone commenting on the traffic problems in Orlando. This person cited a study which indicated that the congestion was caused by the number of people who aren't sure where they're going. ... (read more)
Fit Fat
We need to stop misrepresenting the Christian life.... (read more)
She approached cautiously and her eyes never left it. When her hands touched it, it was a caress, not a grab.... (read more)
Sunny Morning
It was a sunny August morning. For me, it was THE sunny morning. I couldn't remember when everything had seemed so bright. The whole world around me felt clean. I felt clean.... (read more)
Dog Bites and Life
I have found the answer in God, and so have millions of others throughout the ages. He will get me through anything this life throws at me.... (read more)
A Promised Pardon
Billy the Kid is still waiting for his pardon. The notorious teenage outlaw was promised amnesty by New Mexico Territorial Governor Lew Wallace back in 1879 in exchange for testimony against three men in a murder trial. Apparently, Wallace never kept his ... (read more)
What We See At Church
I think we need to raise our vision. We need to accept that churches are made up of humans, with all their flaws. When we become part of a group of believers, we are seeking more than human interaction;... (read more)
It’s ALL About Heaven!
It was a chanced exchange that happens when you sit next to someone on an airplane. "What does Herald of Truth do?" she asked. I smiled and gave my standard reply, "We tell people about Jesus." ... (read more)
I Cannot Prove God Exists
Creation, changed lives, answered prayers. To me, that is evidence of a God greater than my understanding.... (read more)
Summer's Here!
Summer starts this week. Officially, that is. In the Northern Hemisphere. According to astronomers, who wait for the solstice to declare that summer is actually here.... (read more)
Who Needs Church?
Church is a place for us to help each other, not just a place to receive help.... (read more)
In the Bible, we read about something called the Sabbath. It was a day of rest. One day each week, God's people were to abstain from work.... (read more)
Honor to Whom Honor is Due
It was an email that carried the news. It was one of those things that catches you off guard and makes you think. I needed to express my appreciation, my honor of their work, so I wrote my email and addressed it to their daughter.... (read more)
Good News Gospel
This good news is not just something for me to intellectually acknowledge, but something I get to participate in.... (read more)
The Thief in the Night
Forty days after being raised from the dead, Jesus Christ was taken to heaven. At that time, his followers were told, "This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven" (Acts 1:11). ... (read more)
I Don't Understand the Bible
When I have trouble understanding the Bible, I try to remember that the focus is Jesus.... (read more)
The Good Books
Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to read. One of my greatest joys during the summer was our biweekly trip to the library. I would carefully seek out the seven books I was allowed to check out, knowing that these would have to last me for the next two... (read more)
Who Can Separate Us from the Love of God?
He knew the answer before he asked the question. He was one of the outstanding Hebrew scholars of his time, noted author, recognized speaker, leader, prisoner and eventually martyr for a religious cause.... (read more)
Garage Junk
We are buying toys that will be thrown out someday. But our family will be together forever.... (read more)
My head gets sunburned. It didn't used to, but now I have to be careful when I go out. If I'm in the sun for more than a few minutes without some sort of hat, I'll probably spend the next few days with an itchy scalp. For some reason, my head burns more e... (read more)
My Dog Just Thinks He Understands Me
But for me to assume I understand God is a serious mistake. I might end up thinking God is the way I want Him to be, or imagine He should be. ... (read more)
What do you think of when you hear the word "church"? Do you think of a grand cathedral with awe-inspiring architecture? Do you picture a quaint white country structure with a bell in the steeple?... (read more)
Yes Be Yes, No Be No
"Let your Yes be Yes and your No, No." The words in Matt 5:37 were spoken by Jesus as he explained that swearing by something or making an oath based on validation should not be necessary. When you say something, your actions must support your words.... (read more)
What I Learned at Dog Obedience School
I know my life is better with God. He will protect me, feed me, and care for me.... (read more)
What Everybody Should Know
Have you heard that July 2011 will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays and that this pattern only occurs once every 823 years? Has anyone ever told you that the Great Wall of China is the only manmade object visible from space? Does the phrase "we o... (read more)
Spiderman and Jesus
When I became a follower of Jesus, my old self changed. I received the Holy Spirit to help me become a new person.... (read more)
The Masterpiece Within
Most of us have been straightening up around the house at some time and stumbled upon something that we weren't expecting. Maybe it's something that we thought was lost or a memento that we'd forgotten about. But few of us have found a 500-year-old mural.... (read more)
Whiter Than Snow
He begged God to wash him in order that he would be whiter than snow. Forgiven. Cleansed. Restored. Faithful. ... (read more)
God is God
The call went out and he answered it right away, without knowing any of the details. "Send me" were his words. Then he found out what he was to do, tell everyone in the geographic area that calamity and destruction were coming.... (read more)
Groundhog Day
"That's right, woodchuck-chuckers — it's ... Groundhog Day!" You may or may not recognize that line from the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day." And if you don't live in the United States, you may not even know that February 2 is Groundhog Day, the d... (read more)
This World Is a Mess
Believe God is real and that He will fix the world we have destroyed, or believe He does not exist and just live with the way things are.... (read more)
God Even Uses Cowards
I like the story of Gideon in the Old Testament of the Bible. Gideon was an Israelite who lived in a time when a foreign power, the Midianites, were constantly invading Israel. These raiders would wait until the crops were ready to harvest, then they woul... (read more)
Connect to the Power Source
Have you ever realized that life just was not working for you? ... (read more)

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