All the houses in my neighborhood are getting new roofs. A recent hailstorm did significant damage and there have been scores of roofing companies working the area to get business. I spent many years in the roofing business so I enjoy watching the way roofers do their business. And I see a great many parallels to how Christians go about God’s business.

The best way to get a roofing job is by a good referral. I always counted on the quality of my work to get additional roofs. It works the same way for Christians. The way you live your life is your referral. Jesus has made all the difference in my life and it is easy to see that. As a Christ follower, I am the evidence of God’s workmanship.

The real test of a new roof is how it holds up during the first storm. The real test of a Christian is his testimony during the storms of life. I never promised that my roofs would not have any problems, but I did promise that I would fix any problems. That is exactly how Jesus has worked in my life. Christians are not exempt from life’s problems, but we are confident in the One who fixes our problems.

I even think some people approach their Christian life the way some people roof houses. Some just shingle over what is already there. This way is easy and cheaper than tearing off the old roof and replacing it with new shingles. But sometimes the old shingles cause problems for the new roof. That is the way some would live their Christian life. They want the easiest, cheapest way to follow Jesus. Trying to live a new life without getting rid of the old life is not going to work well. It cannot.

I have even known roofers to tear off the edges of the old roof and then put new shingles down. At first glance it seems right, but it is an illusion. They want it to appear as if the old roof has been removed but in reality it has not been. Some try that approach with Jesus. They want to look different while still clinging to their old life. It does not work.

First take off the old, then you are ready to put on the new.
The best way to have a new roof is to first remove the old one. Then replace it with new shingles. That is what Jesus wants to do for you. He wants to tear away the old life with its problems and pain and then replace it with a new life of hope, peace, joy, and purpose. Every time I see an old roof being torn off, I am reminded that my old life of bad choices and failures has been done away with. And the new roof reminds me that I am created new in Jesus.

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