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Away in a Manger
Away in a manger. For many of us, that’s where Jesus is.... (read more)

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Real Community
But what I saw was Jesus. That is the community I want to be a part of…and I am. ... (read more)

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Avoid Sending SPAM!
The most annoying byproduct of Internet communication has got to be SPAM e-mail. As if normal junk mail wasn’t bad enough, now we live in the age of junk e-mail. There is nothing more frustrating than having the excitement of receiving a new message, on... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Hope for Life'

Is That All There Is?
I remember the football game I wanted so badly. At a time when computers were unknown in homes, it was "computerized."... (read more)
Christianity is not the celebration of a season, but a commitment to a lifestyle.... (read more)
A Day of Thanksgiving!
As the holiday season approaches I get excited! The thrill of families coming together, enjoying great food, cooler weather, long held traditions, and, of course, great food, is the recipe for my perfect time of year.... (read more)
Hope for Life
Viktor Frankl was a Jew living in Nazi Germany.... (read more)
Easier Said Than Done
We have really good intentions, we even make really strong commitments, but the follow through is the tough part.... (read more)
God's Holy Spirit
Today, October 31st is the holiday known to many as Halloween. A day that draws mixed feelings from all who witness it. Some people embrace the opportunity to dress up in scary costumes and play pranks on friends, while others see it as a children’s hol... (read more)
Invited into the Family
You have been invited to become a member of God's family. I know that sounds strange: ordinary humans entering into a relationship with the God that created them. Yet that's exactly what God has offered us.... (read more)
I Could Be Content if Only...
if I lived in that part of the world I would never, ever take that scenery for granted.... (read more)
When You Don't Know the Way
I'll admit to a moment of panic. I was in Brazil, traveling with two other people, one of them Brazilian.... (read more)
It's Not About Me
I am a selfish person in recovery. There are some things in life that I want just for me. I want things done my way and I want them done with the people I choose. It’s not that I don’t care about others; it’s that I know my way is best.... (read more)
I Don't Get Technology...
Our ministry team explained it to me, the design team explained it, even my friends (and their children) have explained it to me. I still do not get how it all works.... (read more)
The Obedience of Faith
If I say that I have faith in my doctor, what image does that bring to your mind? Am I saying that I believe that his diploma is real, that he really is certified to practice medicine?... (read more)
My Grandchildren Really Are Most Amazing
I know every new grandparent says that their grandbaby is the most amazing and the most beautiful ... but it's only because we are sure that it is true.... (read more)
Clearing a Path
I've learned there is a certain art to clearing a pathway. I'm an expert at clearing paths through people, storms, bushes, and just about anything else you can think of. I've always been willing to step out and be the first to go into unknown territory.... (read more)
The Disease
It all started with a white spot on the skin. Nothing painful, but certainly worrisome.... (read more)
Will Someone Please Help Me?
I recently traveled to South America to meet with local preachers and churches to plan several ministry projects for Herald of Truth. I was in four countries in ten days. On two different flights, I traveled by myself.... (read more)
Divorce in all its Realism
You and your spouse have been fighting for a long time and someone brings up the “D” word. It’s not the first time, but, this time is real.... (read more)
God's Spirit Heals Suffering
Some days when I'm really feeling the pain of my past injuries, I am refreshed when I think of God's Spirit. I'm thankful that he has given within each of us a spirit that doesn’t damage and can’t be broken.... (read more)
It Takes Bad News
Sometimes it takes bad news to make you appreciate good news.... (read more)
We are Brothers
I recently spoke for a Herald of Truth campaign in the national prison system in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. There were a number of amazing stories from the trip, but it was my experience at the juvenile prison that most affected me.... (read more)
Life on Edge
Living life on edge—that is, under constant pressure, fear, or nervousness—is no way of living. I’m talking about anxiety,... (read more)
Unity in Christ
Summertime is a great time of the year! There is nothing I enjoy more than spending a day at the swimming pool, having a cookout in the park, watching my favorite baseball team play late on a warm evening and watching the neighborhood kids play without th... (read more)
Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land
"Proclaim liberty throughout the land." These words are inscribed on the most famous bell in the world, the Liberty Bell. The bell is famous in spite of its lack of reliability; it cracked the first time it was rung!... (read more)
Maybe You Can Tell Us Apart
I was a little concerned that nobody could tell us apart. After all, we were both short, bald, and about the same size and age. We both loved the Lord, loved people, and loved to preach.... (read more)
Money Really Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Money really doesn’t grow on trees — and some of us are growing more aware of this fact every day. Truthfully, most people deal with financial stress... (read more)
A Rock Among Play-Doh
Play-Doh is one of the coolest toys ever invented. The concept is simple: a soft squeezable substance that can mold into anything you want. Kids can make Play-Doh food, Play-Doh cars, Play-Doh animals, etc.... (read more)
Power to Change
Norma used to come to church some Sundays, along with her six children. Most of the time, however, someone from church went to visit her. Norma lived in a "villa miseria," one of the shantytowns in Argentina where the poorest of the poor live.... (read more)
Who Needs a Stress Test?
My wife called it a spell, my Doctor called it an episode, and I just called it weird. Whatever it was, it resulted in a stress test to check out my heart.... (read more)
I Have Seen the Price of Freedom
Monday ... Memorial Day — a time chosen to remember those who have served this country, preserving our liberty. In Wichita, Kansas, behind a wrought-iron fence, set in almost park-like grounds, stands a VA hospital.... (read more)
Birthday Flowers
I'm not real crazy about birthdays. All the attention surrounding birthdays just makes me feel a little uncomfortable. On my 17th birthday (at the height of what I'm sure was a daunting task — raising me as a teenager), I conjured a plan...... (read more)
To Swim or Not to Swim
A few months ago I started swimming at the YMCA because I was out of shape. A few weeks later, I stopped swimming at the YMCA. For the same reason.... (read more)
Displaying the Work of God
He was a blind man sitting on the side of the road so he could beg from those passing by. He was born blind, and I can only imagine how bitter he must have been at the cruel trick life had played on him.... (read more)
But I Have to Cheat ... I'm Not Good Enough
Every time I open my sports page I get to read another article dealing with steroid abuse. Why do they do it? They know it is dangerous, they know it is cheating, and they know the consequences if they get caught.... (read more)
Eye of the Tiger
When I think of living courageously—taking risks, being challenged, trying the unknown—a few songs come to mind. One song, well known to Rocky fans at least, is “Eye of the Tiger”... (read more)
Confessions of a Perfectionist
I'm a confessed perfectionist. I despise making mistakes. I hate misspelled words...... (read more)
When Life Needs a Remote Control
The trouble with life is that it is so unpredictable. It just happens.... (read more)
If Life Were as Sweet as a Krispy Kreme Doughnut
If you could use a type of food to describe your life, what would it be? Would it be sort of like white bread — plain but predictable?... (read more)
Resolve to Follow Christ's Path
What is it about New Year’s resolutions that make them so hard to keep? We all have great intentions of making a change and we figure there is no better time than the new year to kick it off.... (read more)
Life's Undo Button
There was a time in my life when I thought Liquid Paper was the high point of technological advances. What could be better... (read more)
What a Great Preacher!
I love to hear people talk about the great preachers of our generation. It's amazing to hear the same names... (read more)
The Happiness Test
Someone asked me to take Jeremy Daniels' happiness test. It begins this way: "In most of ways, is your life close... (read more)
Phone Call of Love
A story recently touched my heart. It's a story of a mother who persisted in her love for a wayward daughter all the... (read more)

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