You have been invited to become a member of God's family. I know that sounds strange: ordinary humans entering into a relationship with the God that created them. Yet that's exactly what God has offered us. You'll hear this referred to in different ways: salvation, being born again, coming to Jesus, becoming a Christian. While many other terms are appropriate, I can best relate to the idea of coming into God's family.

You see, God is a God of relationships. It was He that came looking for man, not vice versa. The Bible tells us that it was love that motivated God to reach out to man. It was God who first made the gesture of trying to fix our broken relationship.

But what happened to our relationship with God? Why did it need fixing? If He created us, why can't we all just be with Him? The way I understand it, it all comes down to God's nature. For example, God is light, so darkness cannot be where He is. God is truth, so all untruth is away from Him. God is life, so death is banished from His presence. And God is holy, God is pure, God is untouched by evil. Therefore everyone who has sinned cannot live with God. And because we all have sinned, we are disqualified from being in God's family.

The stains that sin leaves last a lifetime ... and beyond. Only someone who has never sinned can possibly take them away. That's why God sent His son Jesus. Jesus came to earth and lived a life without sin. His unjust death opened the way for us to receive the forgiveness of our sins. We can let His death be the payment for our sins. His innocent blood is able to wash away the stains of sin, allowing us to be holy like God, allowing us to be adopted into God's family. This is the good news that God has for mankind: through Jesus Christ and His death, God has provided the way in which we can have a complete relationship with Him.

Humans, imperfect as we are, can come to be included in God's family. The apostle John wrote about Jesus: "Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God." (John 1:12-13)

You've been invited into the family. It's a special invitation, just for you. Invited to be part of the family of God. If you'd like to know more, write to me at If you've got a comment or question about what I've written here, share it with us at our blog at .

Humans, imperfect as we are, can come to be included in God's family.

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