I recently traveled to South America to meet with local preachers and churches to plan several ministry projects for Herald of Truth. I was in four countries in ten days. On two different flights, I traveled by myself. Normally, flying solo is no big deal, but this time was different. I do not speak Spanish well, and the airports where I was were all unfamiliar to me. I was confused, frustrated, scared, and felt like no one else understood my apprehension. The only way I survived was by the kindness of people who were patient, helpful, and willing to work with me. They spoke the language, knew the airport, and wanted to help me get to where I was going.

It makes me wonder how you feel when you're trying to figure out this whole "Jesus" thing. The language is different, it's unfamiliar territory, and you need someone to help you. And sometimes those of us who are Jesus people do not seem too eager to help. Sometimes we seem like we have it so together and we don't want to be bothered with someone trying to find their way to Jesus. If you are one of those seeking Jesus — and you are confused, frustrated, and maybe even a little scared — I want to help.

If you are one of those seeking Jesus ... I want to help.
I know the language and I know the territory. We believers have all been where you are. And if we seem to know it all, or to have it always together, we do not. It's just that we know who does. We have found the answers to life in Jesus. Because other believers were kind enough to help me, I want to share that kindness with you.

And by the way, I got where I was going on my trip. You can too. Let me hear from you at steve@hopeforlife.org.

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