The Christmas season is here and I already hear some of the Christian community beginning the annual discussions. Who took the Christ out of Christmas? Or, “Jesus: the reason for the season”. So maybe it is time for a few reflections about this time of year. I do not think that most people view Christmas as a religious holiday. After all, most people are not really Christian. I know that most of the world sing the religious songs (Silent Night, Away in a Manger, O Holy Night), and many people go to church the Sunday before Christmas (second in attendance only to Easter). We even see lots of manger scenes and hear talk about baby Jesus and his birthday.

I am afraid that it becomes very easy and convenient to focus on the Christ in Christmas and then live like every one else the rest of the year. Christianity is not the celebration of a season, but a commitment to a lifestyle. We are about peace on earth, giving and family every day of the year. Maybe Christians are the ones that do not need to celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. Jesus is the reason for December 25, and July 12, and March 5, and September 22, and every day of my life as a Christian. Celebrating a birthday does not make a family. The other 364 days together make a family.

The real good news for our world is not that we should celebrate this special time of thinking about Jesus, but to hear that Christmas is just one of a lifetime of days to celebrate. And if the world is thinking about Jesus during this time, then we have even more opportunities to testify to the real good news.

So will I think about Jesus this Christmas? Yes I will; just like I will think about him and celebrate his life, death, and resurrection every day till he comes back to take me home. If you want to make Christmas a religious holiday, be sure it is not the only time you celebrate Jesus.

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Maybe Christians are the ones that do not need to celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday.

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