I really don't think I am afraid of my computer, the internet, and even my cell phone. I know there are all sorts of wonderful things you can do with technology. I can use the terms "Google," "Facebook," "IPod," and "interactive." I think it is probably true that I could be more efficient if I could learn to use all the features on the various pieces of equipment. I know that having that lady in my dashboard give me directions is better than a map folded over the steering wheel.

I don't even get it when someone explains it to me. One of our websites, www.hopeforlife.org, has just been redesigned. It has video testimonies, articles, resources, and we are going to podcast and blog on it. I am very excited ... and do not understand how any of it works. Our ministry team explained it to me, the design team explained it, even my friends (and their children) have explained it to me. I still do not get how it all works.

And yet ... I like the end result. My ministry has been multiplied in amazing ways. I learn more, teach more, and communicate about Jesus more than I ever thought possible. Sometimes I even find myself doing things I never thought possible. The more I use it, the better technology seems to work for me. I am not even sure why I waited so long to get into this tech stuff. I shouldn't have been afraid and it really lets you do some amazing things.

I think that is how life in Christ works. I know the terms, and I have heard lots of people explain it. But sometimes I just don't get how it works. I do not understand everything about it. However, I do know that my life works with Jesus. So maybe I don't have to know everything. I just know that the more I buy into a life with Jesus, the better my life works.

It really didn't help me to talk about technology, or have someone tell me about it. It made a difference for me when someone showed me how to use it in my life.

I just know that the more I buy into a life with Jesus, the better my life works.
I can show you how to let Jesus make a difference in your life.

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