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Jerks and the Secret of Sturdy Faith
Imagine driving to work on a busy highway, minding your own business. Suddenly, to your right, someone runs... (read more)

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We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love one another. Anyone who does not love remains... (read more)

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Buy Your Own Gifts!
I heard recently about a 90-year-old lady who one Christmas found buying presents a bit much, so she wrote... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Special Features'

Not Fair!
Life isn't fair! No big revelation there, at least not for most of us. That's a reality we learn pretty young... (read more)
Make Their Journey Easier
We were walking through the woods. The area that we were in didn't have very good trails and it was pretty thick... (read more)
I'm a Mr. Rogers kid. There are a lot of us, and every now and then I run into another one — someone else... (read more)
What Do You Expect?
Sometimes I get so confused. Trying to figure out what I am supposed to do with my life is so hard. Every decision... (read more)
Curing the Sin Virus
For anyone with a computer or with kids, "I've got a virus!" is a very bad thing to hear! There are all kinds... (read more)
I Owe You the Truth
"Am I under oath here?" could become the mantra of our time. What a shame that would be! In everyday personal... (read more)
Will the Hurt Never End?
"How long, O Lord, how long?" Sound familiar? Wondering the same thing? As you cried yourself to sleep again... (read more)
Is Faith a Form of Pretending?
When most of us begin the majority of our prayers, we say something like this: "Our Father in heaven... (read more)
Clay or Collectible
Have you ever watched a potter work? It is fascinating! To witness the transformation of a lump of clay... (read more)
Working on Your Soul
One of the most popular TV sitcoms of the past decade was "Everybody Loves Raymond." It was built around the comedic... (read more)
I Need You Every Hour
Father, I do need You. I need you every hour of my day. Before I open my eyes in the morning I need You to be... (read more)
Straight Lines with Crooked Sticks
here is a medieval saying you may have heard: "God draws straight lines with crooked sticks."Have you noticed how candid... (read more)
From an early age, firefighters and educators have taught us that when we find ourselves on fire to... (read more)
Simple Dignity
The Amish have adopted something of a fortress mentality against the modern world. They do not confront the... (read more)
The Cool of the Day
What a wonderful time it is in East Texas when the first cool mornings begin to arrive. We, like the men... (read more)
Hey, Clark Kent!
The late Lee Weyer was a National League umpire for 26 years. As with every big-league ump, he had to take... (read more)
I'm Full!
A popular fast food chain currently has an ad promoting one of their latest menu items in which they claim... (read more)
A Little Lower, Please
He is a college freshman this fall, but he doesn't have the most polished and sophisticated social skills. He is... (read more)
Feeling Good about Feeling Bad?
Have you ever seen people weeping in response to a powerful message — public or private — in sincere repentance? Repentance is... (read more)
I Need More Stuff
Conspicuous consumerism is considered the mark of success in America. Why, it is even considered downright... (read more)
Hear the Echo?
Deep in the mountains of West Virginia, there lived a young mother, Ellen and her little boy, David... (read more)
I can't think of a worse insult than that. It's way past contemptuous and downright dismissive... (read more)
Your View of God
You have probably seen or heard about the findings from a study of "The Values and... (read more)
Take Heart!
He was right wasn't he? We do have trouble in this world: An exciting and challenging mission effort receives word... (read more)
The Ultimate Cop-out
We've all done it, right? Tried to evade responsibility by pretending not to be aware. Defending a dumb act... (read more)
It's been said that Stilton cheese, the strong-smelling blue-veined cheese from Great Britain, smells... (read more)
Upside-Down World
A ten-year-old Austrian child was abducted in March 1998. Although her family members say they never lost hope, most... (read more)
Letter from a Thief
Police in the village of Bidingen, Germany, got more of a result than they probably expected when they published... (read more)
Helpless but not Hopeless
We are commonly faced with situations that cause us to feel helpless. The desire of our Enemy is to not... (read more)
Never the Same
Life is made up of a series of events that once they occur, life is never the same. The quality of our lives... (read more)
When All Your Plans Come Crashing Down
Adam Sutton had plans. He intended to ask his girlfriend, Erika Brussee, to marry him, and he... (read more)
Suffering the Consequences?
One of the hardest realities for some of us to learn is that our actions have consequences. Whatever we do... (read more)
One Brick at a Time
For almost 40 years, Jim Bishop has been building a castle in the San Isabel Forest in central Colorado... (read more)
Who's Driving?
Who is in control of you life? Perhaps you are like so many people who feel that their lives are completely out of control... (read more)
She Knew
John shares with us the story of Lazarus dying and being brought back to life. In between those two events John... (read more)
Looking for Answers
When is the last time you tried to find the answer to a difficult question? My brother-in-law Ralph and I were... (read more)
Clear Conscience
Somehow, my friend and I started talking about the tragedy of a mutual friend. "I'd rather not talk about... (read more)
Expanding Your Circle of Friends
More and more of us appear to have fewer and fewer people in our lives that we would consider friends... (read more)
No Strings Attached
Recently we had someone pass through our town, and they stopped at our church to receive some help. We were... (read more)
What Was She Thinking?
If anyone needs proof that "the criminal mind" could be an overstatement or perhaps even an oxymoron, just... (read more)
Class of 1966
I've just returned from a visit to my hometown. It was a brief visit, but a good one. I enjoyed the time... (read more)
No Longer New?
On the first day the faces of the vacationers reflect excitement as they anticipated the events of... (read more)
Expanding Your Circle of Friends
More and more of us appear to have fewer and fewer people in our lives whom we would consider friends... (read more)
Take a God Break
The other evening, I was out in the yard with the dog and stopped to deadhead — pull some dead bloom off... (read more)
The Mercy Bank
Have you ever been waiting for someone who was supposed to meet you at a specific time and they were... (read more)
Make a Right Judgment
The religious leaders of Jesus' day were trying every way possible to trap Jesus. They constantly questioned... (read more)
Perfectly Honest
Maybe you've heard about the man who came to a country church building one afternoon and asked to speak to... (read more)

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