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Because We Are Human

What is the purpose of God sending Jesus?

Tom Norvell looks at our humanity and sees behind it all our need for Jesus.

The Smell of Sheep

What did it smell like at the manger?

Phil Ware talks about the significance of shepherds being found at the manger of Jesus.

Out of the Box Christmas

How do you make Christmas more what it's really for?

Phil Ware shares several ways to get out of the church box and gift boxes and make Christmas count.

It's Still Christmas

Don't let go of Christmas!

Rubel Shelly reminds us that Christmas can open our eyes to faith and what the world willfully does not want to see.

With Us!

Where did God most clearly reveal Himself?

Bill Denton shares insight into the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ and what it means for us.

Vulnerable God

What touches you most about Jesus?

Paul Faulkner reminds us that Jesus attracts us to God because of his vulnerability and humanity.

Human Interface Device

Does this make sense to you?

Russ Lawson gives us an insight into Jesus' ministry by comparing him to a human interface device -- a keyboard.

A Violent Grace

Now that the Christmas lights are put away, aren't you ready to meet the real Jesus?

The coming of Christ is a violent grace that heads to a violent end and if we listen to the birth stories of Jesus we can find there a real Savior who lived in our all too real world.

On Tiptoe!

I wonder what it was like when the angel learned he would bring the news?

Whether Christmas comes on December 25 or not doesn't really matter, what does matter is that Jesus came and the angels declared it and that we celebrate it with great joy.

Amazing Grace

Have you found out what is truly amazing this time of year?

Jesus is the reminder of God's unconditional love and willingness to search and sacrifice to find us and bring us home as our love-sick father.

Not Fair!

What do you and where do you go when life isn't fair?

Life is unfair and in the unfairness we need to learn to pray and keep after it and not relent, not praying those PC prayers, but gut check from the heart prayers that are real.

The Astonishing Christ

Everything about Jesus is astonishing!

Even Napoleon Bonaparte was awed by the astonishing Jesus who came to earth as a baby.

Vulnerable God

What makes God's love so irresistable?

God's vulnerability, his openness in Jesus to his emotions, is captivating.


Who would want to be born here?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a grimy, corrupt little town not known for anything important.

The Indescribable Gift

What's the best gift you've ever received?

While many men can't give a good gift, a few can, and God gave us an indescribable gift.

Born That Man No More May Die

Why was Jesus born?

Jesus came to face our world and give us deliverance both from and through what we fear.

Wear Jesus' Hat

Does his hat fit your head?

We must serve others with the humility of Jesus.

What about Xmas?

What are we supposed to do about Christmas?

Knowing what to do about the birth of Jesus is quite a dilemma, however, we do need to acknowledge he was born and respond appropriately.

Happy Birthday Bro!

What are you supposed to do with those December birthdays?

We are thankful for our brothers' birthdays, but our Big Brother's birthday is the most important of them all.

One of Us

Who would ever believe he would do it?

Jesus faced what we face in death so that we know he knows us.

Buried in My Old Attic?

Will this Christmas season be lost in things left behind?

Little things mean a great deal during the Christmas season. Let's not forget to do them.

Older than Dirt!

How old are you?

Aren't we glad Jesus has always been around even though we may be as old as dirt!

Window to the Heart of God

Can we know how God felt when His Son died?

Mary helps us understand what it must have been like for God; she is the window to God's heart.

Did Jesus Wear Glasses?

Do we know the real Jesus?

To remember anew how God sees me through the lenses of His love is a priceless gift. I was reminded in communion last Sunday, looking at my son, seeing God's son.

Jesus Is Born

Can Jesus really be born again?

Christmas must be a reminder to us that we are honored to be Jesus everyday in a world that doesn't know him and his loving grace.