I recently spent three days fishing with my son at a lake famous for its large bass. We had a great time and caught lots of fish. As we visited with the other fisherman, we realized we also caught more big bass than anyone else. However, there was one oddly embarrassing fact we discovered. We lost more plastic worms than anyone else. We hung them on trees, rocks, and logs. Sometimes we had to break them off, sometimes they were simply unreachable.

We cast those worms into places where it was very difficult for us to see. It was not easy or comfortable. It cost us a number of plastic worms to fish where we did. We could have fished the easy places and still caught a number of fish. So why take the hard and difficult way? Because that was where the fish we wanted to catch were located. We followed a simple rule: to catch big fish, you need to be where they are. So we fished in the hard to get to places, the places others did not go.

It occurs to me that is exactly what God did when he wanted to “catch” me. He sent his Son Jesus into the hard place to find me. It was difficult and it was costly. God is holy and perfect. I am not. There are so many things I should have done and did not; so many things I should not have done, and did. So God sent his perfect Son to where I live so he could find me. Jesus left heaven so he could find me. He died so my failures would not be held against me, and I could live forever in the presence of God and his son.

I am so grateful that God took the initiative to come after me. He found me. He caught me. I am so grateful that I will spend the rest of my life "fishing" for others so they can know the good news that God sent his Son ... to catch them.

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Jesus loved me enough to leave his home and come find me where I was.

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