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Gifts of the Heart

Are you giving from the heart?

Giving gifts at Christmas helps us understand and appreciate the importance of people in our lives.

The Great Encourager

How do you want to be remembered?

Barnabas was a real encouragerer and so have those who have supported Heartlight.

Is He Taking Your Picture?

Have you seen the flash lately?

God has a record of the things he has done through us in his family album.

Ouch! You're Stepping on My Toes

Does God ever use Scripture to step on your toes?

We make all these plans and get upset when they don't unfurl like we want, but God often has other plans!

If Payment is Delayed

Are youi willing to pay the price?

Putting off payments and not dealing with sin leads to disastrous results -- the payment always comes in.

Tamale Pie

Who do you remember at your potluck dinners?

Potluck dinners are more about the fellowship than the food.

Take the Hype out of the Holidays

How are you going to handle the holiday stress?

Holidays can be stressful and hectic, here are some good ways to stay on track and protect your holidays.

Life in Three Centuries

How many centuries will you live to see?

Remembering a great lady of faith who lived for 106 years.

A Humbling Reason for Thanksgiving

Our joyous thanksgiving overflows!

We give thanks for ten years of God's blessings at Heartlight.

Thank You Once Again

When is enough, enough?

Some folks we simply cannot thank enough!

Reasons to Be Thankful

How many reasons do you have to be thankful?

A terrible accident can't rob this little girl or her family of reasons to give thanks.


WIll you give thanks, even for the leftovers?

We must never take for granted the great blessings we have been given by the hand of our gracious God!

The Thanksgiving Hooke

Do you remember this little boy from the first Thanksgiving?

A little boy about whom we know nothing shows us the way to the meaning of thanksgiving.

Lord of the Banquet

What makes a man truly great?

What can a husband do to bless his wife on Thanksgiving?

Dealing with Stress with Thanksgiving

Do you really believe this is a stress reduction strategy?

We can find many reasons to give thanks even in difficult times.

Upside Down Blessings

Can you see the good in the bad?

Bad things can be turned into blessings by God.

Flashing Lights in the Park

Is there hope for these kids?

A description of the Dry Bones minsistry and a hard night a kid died.

A Word to the Wise

Are your words few?

We shouldn't need many words to hear or to speak.


So you started well, but how did you finish?

While starting well is important, finishing is the most important thing of all!

Ministry of the Presence

What can we do to help others when their world collapses?

God cares about our struggles and sent Jesus to us to show us the way back to his heart.

Finishing the Race

Will you finish even if the going gets really tough?

Hanging in there and persevering during tough times is not easy, but it is necessary and will develop our character.

They Prayed for Boldness

What would you have prayed for in this circumstance?

Under persecution and difficulty, we most often need to pray for boldness instead of protection and ease!

Hoof, Anvil, Fire, Wall, or Junk Pile

Where did you put your faith?

Our faith can either be real and shaping us to be useful to God or it can be discarded or nothing more than a good luck charm.

The Cost of our Tickets

Who or what really is our God?

We show by our lifestyle and our choices if we really worship God or other gods.

The Cockatoo Run

What do birds have to do with it?

Change is hard, but God goes with us every step of the way.