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Do Not Be Afraid!

So what is there to fear on the eve a brand new year?

When you least expect it, don't be afraid, God is revealing a new plan for your life.

Seven Ages of a Married Cold

So how do you treat your honey when she or he is ailin'?

The years in marriage can sometimes mean that we take each other for granted; we mustn't let that happen.

A Matter of Perspective

So how does your day look?

So much of life is a matter of perspective; we can choose to be glad.

Dark Night of the Soul

Do you want to find God in the dark night of the soul?

Sometimes the dark night of the soul is exactly what we need to experience to let go of what we need to jettison and grab ahold again of God.


What is your destiny?

God has a plan for each of us, a destiny, to use us for his glory.

Holiday Jesus?

Are you going to take Jesus out to the curb with the rest of the Christmas trash?

We can't let Jesus be relegated to just Christmas; he needs to be part of our world every day.

Home for Christmas

Where is your real home?

We are not at home until we are home with God.

What Really Matters

In the midst of the preparation, I hope you have remembered what really matters!

Sometimes with all the preparation and stress we forget what the real meaning of the holidays is all about.


Who would want to be born here?

Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a grimy, corrupt little town not known for anything important.

Too Busy with Christmas for Church

Can't get to church on Christmas because of other stuff?

Some folks are canceling church service on Christmas day, but isn't that missing the point of why we have Christmas in the first place?

Christmas Clause

Would people really want to take Christ our the nativity?

A preacher gets in trouble talking about Christmas on Sunday, but warns that the world will take Christ out of Christmas.

Love on Paper

What legacy are you leaving with the gifts you give this time of year?

While gifts are fine, we need to be leaving behind a legacy of love notes for our spouse and children and grand children.

Here Comes Santa Claus

When was the last time you played this part?

Getting a chance to play Santa Claus opens up a deep joy and a reminder that we need to be Jesus to those around us.

The Indescribable Gift

What's the best gift you've ever received?

While many men can't give a good gift, a few can, and God gave us an indescribable gift.

What Do You Really Want?

What are you asking Santa to bring you for Christmas?

What we want and most need at Christmas are not the kinds of things that money can buy!

The Meaning of Christmas

What's it all about anyway?

Most folks don't have a clue about the meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Fear Factor?

Have you taken all the excitement out of Christmas?

We have taken the joy, glory, risk, holiness, excitment out of Christmas and made it predictable and boring.

Holy, Please Hold the Adventure

Can we have the holy without the adventure?

We can't have the holy life without the adventure life because God uses the adventures to mold us and make us holy.

Your Forgiveness Scale

How much are you willing to forgive?

An example of unbelievable forgiveness in the face of murder challenges our narrow notions of forgiving others.

Born That Man No More May Die

Why was Jesus born?

Jesus came to face our world and give us deliverance both from and through what we fear.

It Isn't the Real World

Can you see the real world as clearly as a child?

Kids often know the difference between truth and lie and what is real world and what is not.

Too Much to Comprehend

I bet you can't grasp it all!

There are many things our minds cannot comprehend, especially things about God, but that is okay.

Planning Ahead

Are you making your plans or trying to live God's plan?

So often we make all these elaborate plans and never think of allowing God room in our busy schedules.

Eyes Open?

Are you keeping your eyes shut to life?

So often we die long before our bodies do because we live our lives with our eyes shut.

Where is Your Heart

Have you got your heart, head, and follow through in gear?

While we know Jesus said it is better to give than to receive, we often don't live like it!