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Star Bright
In the blink of an eye, or the twinkling of a star, everything can change. Just ask the stargazers from the distant... (read more)

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The Smell of Sheep
In December of 2006, just off highway 36, in Brazoria, Texas, someone stole baby Jesus and His manger. Well, it wasn't... (read more)

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On Tiptoe with Angels
I can remember the first time I went to Six Flags over Texas as a little kid. I had heard about the rides, but I... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

Season of Joy
No story speaks with such humor, and yet such faith, as the story about the day Sarah laughed. Three visitors had... (read more)
Christ in the House
When I was a little boy, I loved to play games like hide-n-seek, tag, and "you're it" — games that involved lots of other... (read more)
The Main Thing
Years ago, four loving young women from a Christian university uncovered a deep need. A local woman had no family and... (read more)
On Our Knees
While the election of a new president and vice-president are clearly the focus on most people's minds... (read more)
Isn't Jesus Enough?
Why isn't Jesus enough for us? Oh, in our religious speak we say that Jesus is enough, but you scratch beneath our... (read more)
No Hidden Mystery
This is not a show I have regularly watched — in fact, we decided it was a show we wouldn't watch because... (read more)
More than a Fork in the Road
There is an old story of heaven and hell attributed to various sources — often to C.S. Lewis, or before him, to... (read more)
Many years ago when I was a seventh grader at Lincoln Junior High, our choir took a trip from Abilene... (read more)
Godly Organic
God hard-wired every living thing for life and growth. This primal urge is imprinted in our human DNA, both... (read more)
I was thirty years old, and the proud father of a newborn daughter and a five-year-old son. The church where I preached had gone... (read more)
Behind Enemy Lines
On January 28, 1998, in Laos, government police burst into a house where followers of Jesus were meeting... (read more)
Big Reversal
The big reversal! Ah yes, most of us have been there. The friendship becomes more and before you know it, you start... (read more)
Called Out in Church
Because gas had gone up to 33 cents per gallon, I decided to ride to church with my parents. I was a junior in high school... (read more)
Splash Down
She stood there with her toes squeezing the edge of the pool so she could reach as far as her arms would allow her... (read more)
It Is Finished
If you are like me, you find it hard to imagine these words describing your life's work. For years, I had a cartoon... (read more)
See the skinny little shirtless boy, with cut offs and sneakers, and sweat glistening on his buzz-cut head? It's the heat... (read more)
Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Many of us read these words from Rime of the Ancient Mariner, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, when we were in... (read more)
Woman Behold Your Son
We come to one of the most horrific moments of human history. Yet this is also a sacred place, a crack in space and... (read more)
Freedom from 'The Fear'
What do you most fear? Your answer is probably dependent upon what age you are! As babies, we feared... (read more)
Independence Day
Les came back from World War II without one arm and missing several fingers on the other hand. He has carried the price tag... (read more)
How to Survive a Bear Attack
At first glance, this is humorous. Unfortunately, however, we've all been that slower pal. It might not be a real... (read more)
NOT Just Another Face in the Crowd
"I just want to be somebody! I want my life to matter!" As kids, we played games pretending to be someone... (read more)
Coming Down in the Wrong Place
Did you hear about the pilot who landed his 737 jet on an abandoned World War II era landing strip? The correct... (read more)
Remember These Friends!
Today, we remember those who have given their lives to make our way of life possible. As we do, let's not forget... (read more)
I don't belong. I wasn't included by birthright. I have no racial claim to be a part. I was on the outside, lost and alone... (read more)
"Bzrp-cha-ta-bzrp. Zip-zip. Splzt. Bzrp-cha-ta." "Okay, listen to it now." Years ago, Heartlight began as... (read more)
The wind blew and the flaps on the green funeral tent fluttered. All of us had dust on our shoes from our walk across... (read more)
The Lord's Take on the Subject
For many in the US, April 14 and 15 are two of the most stressful days of the whole year. Rather than trying... (read more)
Occasionally, I will be asked if I really believe it is important to "go to church." The question is not from... (read more)
Depending on our church background, we will probably assign crucial importance to different phrases or words in the previous... (read more)
Faith Awaiting a Dawn
Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone... (read more)
And It Was Night?
For the apostles, all they had given up, all they had sacrificed, all they had seen of the miraculous, was all... (read more)
Agony to Maturity
"I hate church. It's full of a bunch of hypocrites." This caricature of church as a gathering of a bunch of hypocrites is so overused that it has become trite. Yes, churches are full of... (read more)
The Journey
"She's on my side!" Billy shouts. Susie says, "Daddy, how much longer till we get there?" She is trying to... (read more)
Real Joy?
Smiles. Laughter. Enthusiasm for life. Warmth, openness, and generosity with others. All of these were in ample... (read more)
The beauty of Africa is astounding. The vastness of the Sahara is indescribable. The length and importance of the Nile ...... (read more)
Every-once-in-awhile, a moment "happens" in our lives that captures truth in a snapshot. When you hold that snapshot in... (read more)
Down the Dusty, Bumpy Road
Our bus shook and rattled and shimmied and clattered down the old dirt road as we made our way out of Kampala to the... (read more)
Our Child
Those were her dreams. Not her prayers. Not her assumptions. Not her expectations. The wildest expectations... (read more)
When I was twenty-five, my father died after battling a chronic illness for ten years. We were deeply grieved... (read more)
We're Off!
I got up early this morning! Not to go do my usual preaching stint at two services, but to board a plane that will... (read more)
Today was one of those incredibly busy and wild days. I spent much of the afternoon trying to track down folks... (read more)
He's Our Son
On Friday afternoon, after a long day of work, Donna and I along with our daughter Megan, got on a loud, old, prop... (read more)
My Deliverer
As soon as I heard the song, I knew what was going on — I can't be sure if this was the Spirit or just my own mind... (read more)
Even if It Means a Cross
We'd like to have a "Tinkerbelle Jesus" — a Jesus who can fix all our problems in our personal lives, then when... (read more)

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