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Holiday Jesus?
My grandmother Bernice, or Granny as we called her, was a pistol. There was never a room she entered that she... (read more)
Here Comes Santa Claus
There are times when I can still be very much of a kid. Christmas is often one of those times. So when our Connecting Minister asked me to... (read more)
Born That Man No More May Die
Some people make it look easy! World-class athletes, musicians, dancers, and vocalists make their very demanding crafts seem... (read more)

Older Articles from 'Two Minute Meditations'

The Great Encourager
Most folks don't know his real name — it's Joseph. Even fewer know where he is from — it's Cyprus. Very few know which Jewish... (read more)
A Humbling Reason for Thanksgiving
The message came to me ten years ago today. I remember the experience as if it were yesterday. I was... (read more)
Upside Down Blessings
Hope your thanksgiving is great! In fact, I hope our Thanksgiving is great too! We've had some good ones... (read more)
Hoof, Anvil, Fire, Wall, or Junk Pile
We should be happy with troubles? Wow! That's a pretty tall order. Of course, the real issue is our goal in life. Do we aim at happings or is... (read more)
The Power of One Woman
This past week, we were reminded once again of the powerful influence of the actions of one woman. Rosa Parks, a seamstress tired... (read more)
Season of Longer Darkness
And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels can’t, and the... (read more)
Swept Clean
As I swept the sidewalk after mowing, my heart turned momentarily to envy. "Boy, I wish I had one... (read more)
We celebrated the centennial homecoming at my alma mater, Abilene Christian University, this weekend. Thousands... (read more)
Going Home
I was privileged to do a number of funerals with a preaching legend in the last few years of his life. I will never forget his words... (read more)
In the investigative aftermath of the terrorist bombings in London, the major news services shared an interesting discovery that caused alarm... (read more)
The Forgotten Fuel
With the approach of Rita to the Texas and Louisiana coast, millions of evacuees fought their way through the bottlenecks, logjams... (read more)
Am I a Goat, Too?
I recently received an update from a brother in Christ on one of the twenty-five strike teams put together... (read more)
Needed Notes of Grace
Like many of you, I finished last week emotionally exhausted and deeply disturbed. For many years, I have believed a natural disaster... (read more)
His Little Ones!
The last two Sundays, we have been blessed in our congregation with a precious time of prayer centered around two foster baby girls that... (read more)
Land of Inbetween
We usually don't like being in between anything — not big trucks on the highway, not a rock and a hard place, not jobs, not a hammer... (read more)
Seeing the Face of Jesus
Our small group of fishermen was surrounded by the incredible beauty of Juneau, Alaska — mountains, glaciers, emerald green waters, islands... (read more)
EPIC Conversion
We find ourselves at least knee deep in the leading wave of the postmodern tsunami. While some find this new shift in human culture... (read more)
Opening Doors, Empowering Messengers
I preach, I write, I counsel, I encourage, I ... spend my life trying to touch people with the grace of Jesus. But... (read more)
Underestimating the Pull of Evil
We live in a day that discounts the power of evil. Our world can talk about it when people fly planes... (read more)
Sweet Gracious Relief!
42 days! 42 days of sweltering summer heat, sizzling temperatures, and oppressive humidity and without... (read more)
Can We Find Truth?
"Only Sith deal in absolutes." Beyond the irony that this recent "Star Wars" statement is an... (read more)
Independence Day
Les came back from World War II without one arm and missing several fingers on the other hand. He has carried... (read more)
Beyond Intentions
Much has been written about the emerging new generation of adults often referred to as millenials. As so often happens, those who are... (read more)
Guys, Let's Realize Our Importance as Fathers
As Fathers' Day approaches, I'm flooded with many emotions. My youngest child has just turned 20 — I no longer have a teenager... (read more)
Passing It Along
I have always loved the stories of Joshua and Caleb. Their courage to stand up against the other 10 spies... (read more)
Several years ago, Memorial Day found me at the Pearl Harbor memorial, an humbling reminder of the... (read more)
Taking Flight
As spring began it's first run at warming up West Texas, we joined many of our fellow Abilenians at one... (read more)
Not Distracted
Life is full of distractions. Some are just a part of the routine of daily living. Others are designed... (read more)
50 Days of Grace
When "they" huddled together on Pentecost in the upper room, God changed everything. It had merely been 50... (read more)
Finding the Presence of Christ
Moses said it in Exodus 33: "God, let me see your glory!" He wasn't about to lead the people of Israel... (read more)
Made for Ministry
Jesus had already warned his followers three times in recent days that he was going to Jerusalem to... (read more)
What Do You Want Them to Be?
If I wanted to know what was important to you in most areas of your life, I could look at where you... (read more)
Together and Everything in Common
"Is there no one we can call to be with you?" an intern asked her as she prepared to leave. "No, no one."... (read more)
God in a Box
Do you remember the jack-in-the-box toys from your childhood or children’s childhood? Weren’t they great fun!... (read more)
Friends with Forever Purpose
When Jesus had called them from their normal lives — some fishermen, one a tax collector and presumed a traitor, another from... (read more)
Straightening Out the Curve Balls
"Everybody in my family knows I don't handle curve balls well." I listened as our mission campaign leader shared... (read more)
Held in Hope by a Memory
I'm not sure how we remember what we remember. This is especially true about biblical truth. This week... (read more)
What Would You Hear?
Thankfully the world's response to the deaths and destruction from the recent tsunami was different... (read more)
The Face of Fear
We were stunned. People chose sides and weighed in with strong opinions. The young mother was sentenced... (read more)
Our Assurance of Reunion
I was just a little knotty-kneed bur-headed kid, stuck inside a hot Oklahoma white clapboard church... (read more)
The Behinder I Get
My mom grew up with a saying that she passed on to us. It goes something like this: "The harder I work, the behinder I get!"... (read more)
Don't Forget
Fumbling my way through the dark, I found the bed, re-adjusted the pillows, and collapsed into a heap, exhausted from my long... (read more)
Living Up to the Price?
The request came to me Wednesday. "Please pray for the elections in Iraq. I have a friend there who will be guarding one of the... (read more)
Glory Awaits!
We had just moved into a brand new house that my folks had built for us in the country. I was the... (read more)
Just a Small Sliver of Light
We had just removed the blinds from the windows in our bedroom. The mini-blinds offered plenty of... (read more)
Pauses of Grace
Much of my adult life has been spent living at too fast a pace — little sleep, less rest, and an incessant demand to keep moving... (read more)
No Simple Changes
"Boy was that good!" I awakened feeling refreshed and rested. After some minor surgery, I had spent... (read more)

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