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You Don't Have to Do a House Cleaning for this Christmas Guest
One Christmas when we lived in Denver, we packed up our infant boys in the minivan after Sunday morning church and headed east on Interstate 70 to... (read more)

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The One Born in Bethlehem Can be Born in You
It started even earlier this year. It was bad enough that millions of people began storming the Bastille's of Best Buy, Banana Republic, Target and ... (read more)

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A Temporary Dwelling
You splurged when you made your mini-vacation accommodations in a very nice hotel. From the minute you enter the lobby you realize this is ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

Beyond Fixing Bicycles
I recently read a little story about a little girl that touched my heart. It seems that this little girl was late coming home for supper one ... (read more)
Amazing Things Are Happening Here!
The sign outside the New York hospital reads: "Amazing Things Are Happening Here." Truer words were never spoken. Amazing things were ... (read more)
Reconcile or Run?
My family practically hates her and wants me to divorce her and have nothing else to do with her ever. I don't know what to do ... (read more)
Stop Controlling Me!
She could not look people in the eye as they greeted her. Head down, shoulders slumped; she headed to the nearest open seat and quietly slid ... (read more)
Who Cares What Your Children Pray?
It isn't unusual to overhear conversations like this. One lady told another that she should NOT stay in ... (read more)
Trickle Down Parenting
Did you know that according to marriage experts the first major crisis in many marriage relationships is after the birth of their first child? With all the ... (read more)
Are You Prepared?
The roads are salted. The grocery shelves have been emptied of milk and bread. Movies have been rented. Children, parents and teachers ... (read more)
Play Misty for Me
Recently, on the same day, two families I know said goodbye to parents. In one of the families, middle-aged siblings gathered with ... (read more)

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