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A Quarter of Remembrance
I actually got to meet Dr. Channing Barrett, though I don't remember the meeting because I was too young. But that doesn't change my ... (read more)

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The Joy of the Party
Working for the church, I am required (required?) to attend a lot of Christmas parties. I certainly have no ... (read more)

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Let There Be Peace!
Peace on earth. How's that working at your house? Christmas is just a few days away. Is there peace in your ... (read more)

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Older Articles from 'Together in His Grace'

Let There Be Joy
This season provides an excellent opportunity for us to address a common problem for joy-seeking people: how do ... (read more)
Don't Forget to Wish for the Best
Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I did my version of Black Friday shopping. I slept in, had breakfast, took a ... (read more)
Losing My Mind?
Have you ever felt like you're losing it, you know what I mean, losing your mind? Well, maybe you haven't, but ... (read more)
Calling Home
Today we phoned back over 1,800 miles of America to talk to our son and his family — just to see how they were ... (read more)
Every Time I Remember You
Do you have someone like that in your life? These are people you love and who love you. No matter what goes on... (read more)
Forgotten Anything?
Perhaps the most challenging distinctive of Christianity is that our God wants us to love him. While world ... (read more)
Unrestrained Joy
As a friend was passing through town we decided to meet in the airport for coffee and conversation. We were talking about ... (read more)
Faces in the Crowd
I'd love to know more about this woman, wouldn't you — this woman who was so desperate to be healthy that she ... (read more)
Family Unique: Stops along the Way
From toddlers to teens to travel-weary parents, the question is inevitable. "When are we going to stop?" Depending on the driver the answer... (read more)
Family Unique: GPS
Until John Harrison came along, navigation of ships was a guesstimate at best. Egyptian sailors never ventured far from the land. Geographic ... (read more)
Family Unique: Fuel in the Family Tank
he drive from Jackson, Mississippi to Mobile, Alabama was nothing spectacular. Three and a half hours. Two hundred miles. Just a jog in your journey... (read more)
Family Unique: The Big Question
Last day of school. Clocking out at work. Locking up the store. The only thing on your plate is summer vacation and you're ready to devour ... (read more)
Learning To Be Watched
There is a mighty cloud of witnesses watching you. They are looking for something in you that is worth passing along... (read more)
Mother's Day Messages
Thanks, mom, for sharing your faith with me, with my children, and with hundreds of others through times of... (read more)
I've Become the Other Woman
I have frequently requested a weather forecast for my church. Not for the town the church is in — for the auditorium ... (read more)
Love Path 911: Can We Have a Good Marriage?
After all the pain we've been through with our "mess," can we actually have a good marriage? The short answer is ... (read more)
How Will We Survive?
The discovery of infidelity in a spouse severely disrupts your life and breaks your heart. You face daily painful reminders... (read more)
Together in His Grace
Jesus' words are blunt. They carry with them the sting of a painful truth. Our lives, especially our lives with our... (read more)
Love Path 911: Email Betrayal
I found the emails and am devastated! Though he ended it, I want to go through the emails with him; he wrote ... (read more)
Love Path 911: What is Biblically Appropriate?
According to the Word of God, what are the "can and cannot do's" when it comes to a sexual relationship in a Christian... (read more)
7 Days of Love Challenge
We're used to outrageous Super Bowl ads. But one aired in Texas that went over the top. A couple was celebrating their anniversary... (read more)
Love Path 911: Desire & Lovemaking
It isn't just the wife who is commanded to fulfill marital duty to the husband, but also the husband to the... (read more)
Love Path 911: Heart Attack & Intimacy
My husband and I had a great sex life until he had a heart attack. Now he seems to have no interest. Does a heart attack ... (read more)
Love Path 911: Emotional Affair
Never thought I'd be asking this question as a Christian or as a woman who was cheated on by her former husband. What do you do when... (read more)
Community and the Homebound: Part 2
Several days ago, we ran an article that asked about how our churches could offer community to those who have great ... (read more)
Who Cares?
People tend to fall into two camps when it comes to relationships. Those who care too much about what others think and ... (read more)
Love Path: FAQ
Where can I go to get answers to my questions about love and marriage? Where can I go especially for those... (read more)
What a Way to Start the New Year!
"What a way to start the New Year!" writes one frustrated lady! My New Year started this way. My husband was at... (read more)

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