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The Instructions

Some assembly required…

The Bible, Scripture, holds God's directions for his followers. If you don't read it, you don't know how to put your life together. And what you actually get doesn't resemble anything close to what you envisioned; you have pieces lost or pieces that are

Discovering Jesus

What if Jesus isn't who you expect him to be?

When the promised Messiah arrived, the Pharisees rejected him and plotted to have him killed, despite having spent their entire lives reading about his coming. Why? He wasn't what they expected him to be.

Hearing God's Voice

Have you heard The Voice?

Hearing God's voice is challenging but it grows easier the more it's done. It begins by reading His word, studying scripture, knowing what the Great God Almighty requires of His followers. Then listen for His voice. It will come!


Are you paying attention?

When it comes to finding your way through this world, no GPS can help you. No map program will get you there. You need directions from someone who really knows the way. The book of Psalms says, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" (Ps

No App for That

Is there REALLY an app for that?

Nothing replaces reading God's Word.

The Good Books

You don't have to have an e-reader to hold a library in your hands

The bestselling book of all time, the Bible is actually a library of books, covering the gamut of human experiences and human emotions.

SH!FT: READ_faithfully

Isn't it time you put this back into your daily life?

Phil Ware continues his shift series, focusing on our need to read Scripture because it is from God and useful to our living and beneficial and able to make us wise and leads us to salvation.

Less of Me

Can I live up to my purpose?

Teresa Bell Kindred shares some ideas about New Year's resolutions and living for others.

Addicted to Legalism

Are you addicted to the religious games we play?

Ron Rose talks about his own struggle with legalism and challenges us to the liberating that comes from the good news of Jesus, the challenge to live a life of faith outside the walls of church.

Small Group Bible Study Suggestions

What can I do when I get in a tough place in my study group?

Elaine Hardt shares some helpful suggestions for small group Bible study.


What prizes have you found in Scripture?

Phil Ware shares with us the surprises that he found in reading 2 Timothy and compares them with prize eggs at an event called Eggstravaganza.

When I Get Big ...

What do you want your son be when you grow up?

Let's teach our sons to be fathers!

Always Golden!

You mean we are supposed to do this everywhere!

After reading the passage again, have you seen anything new, like maybe it should apply in everything you do -- the Golden Rule!

Whose Life Is It?

Do you see yourself in the story?

We can know we are saved by putting ourselves in the story of God's great deliverance.

After the Christmas Lights are Gone

Will we follow Jesus now that Christmas is over and the New Year approaches?

We are called to live for Jesus after the Christmas lights quit twinkling.

Pickles and Mustard?

What kind of spiritual food are you eating?

While pigging out on junk food may be bad, spiritual fast food and junk is worse!

God's Word is Not Dead

Is the Word of God alive in your life?

We need to be more diligent in reading the Word of God.

Before the Snow Flies

Do you need engineers to show you how to make a snowman?

We don't need a bunch of engineering drawings or theologian ramblings to understand God's Word; we just need a child-like heart.

Why Johnny Can't Share His Faith

Why is it so hard to have the right things to say to seekers?

We can't share our faith because we've lost the commitment to memorize and know God's Word.