You would have thought that I would learn…for years on Christmas day afternoon I would be assembling toys for my children. You know the toys I'm talking about—the ones that came in boxes warning "some assembly required." I rarely consulted the instructions and almost always the toy didn't look like the photo on the box. I had pieces left over or not enough pieces or broken pieces because I was forcing those pieces into places they didn't go. So as a last resort I would read the instructions, and they explained everything.

I'm obviously a slow learner. Because even today when asked to put together something that has "some assembly required", my first impulse is just put things together without even looking at the instructions. I know that I am not alone because people have been doing the same thing since, well forever, and that includes God's people.

From the Garden forward, those who claim to do what God instructs — don't. Adam and Eve, the Hebrews that wandered in the wilderness, those talked about in the Book of Judges, almost all of the Kings of Israel and Judah. They did things without consulting the instructions.

Even today, after God allowed His Son to die for our sins, God's people still don't seem to read the instructions.

The Bible, Scripture, holds God's directions for his followers. If you don't read it, you don't know how to put your life together. And what you actually get doesn't resemble anything close to what you envisioned. You have pieces lost or pieces that are left over because you don't know where they fit, or you don't have all the pieces. Without reading The Book, you don't know who has gone before you, and you don't really know where you are going. You wander in your own wilderness.

The instructions help to explain everything! You have to read them to know what you should look like.

Study God's word, The Bible, and experience how all the pieces fit into place.

The instructions help to explain everything!
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