The Voice came! Sometimes it was a whisper, barely audible as it floated past the ear. Sometimes it was accompanied by a burning bush, or a vision or a blinding light that forced the receiver to the ground.

The Voice came! The words might have been a proclamation to the chosen people or personal instruction on how to live in a world in desperate need of knowing what was right.

The Voice came! On hearing it some ran in the other direction or were frozen as if in a catatonic trance. Some fell down; others raised their eyes to see the One who spoke. Some took to heart the admonition while others scoffed and mocked.

The Voice came! From Genesis to Revelation from Adam to John, God's voice was present, heard and had impact.

The Voice still comes! In spite of the pumped up, amped up, continuous noise of today, the Voice can still be heard. Its presence is uniquely tailored to each of us, but it's still there. Our tasks are to listen and act upon the direction given. Not unlike the responsibilities of those whose names fill scripture.

Then listen for His voice. It will come!
Hearing God's voice is challenging but it grows easier the more it's done. It begins by reading His word, studying scripture, knowing what the Great God Almighty requires of His followers. Then listen for His voice. It will come!

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