When we explore the nature of our universe, we can discover that creation, our universe, is unimaginably large, wondrously complex, and beautifully diverse. So, what does that say about its Creator? What does it say about us? And, how are we to view ourselves and each other in this magnificent creation? James Nored challenges us to seek after the God behind all of its goodness in this week's video:

If you can't see the video, and you sure don't want to miss it, view it online. For additional ideas to consider and some things to discuss with others, we encourage you to look at the Study Guide.

When we read the Genesis 1 account of creation, we notice many things about the magnificent universe and beautiful world in which we find ourselves. We also can learn a great deal about the God who made us. Notice seven claims made by the Bible's account about God and his creation.

First, God made order out of chaos and nothingness — "the earth was formless, empty, and darkness..." (Genesis 1:2).

Second, our Creator built into his creation an ordered rhythm and a day of rest — "[T]here was evening and there was morning [each] day" (Genesis 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31; 2:1-2).

Third, God created by the power of his word and his will and word powered creation to occur — "And God said... And it was so." (Genesis 1:6-7).

Fourth, God made our world for each created thing to fit with its specific space and place to thrive:

  • The Creator spoke into existence light and darkness on day 1 (Genesis 1:3-5), then the sun, moon, and stars on day 4 (Genesis 1:14-19).
  • God made skies, seas, and land (Genesis 1:6-8) on day 2, then the fishes and birds to inhabit them on day 5 (Genesis 1:20-23).
  • He created seas, earth, and plants on day 3 (Genesis 1:9-13), then the animals and people to dwell there on day 6 (Genesis 1:24-31).

Fifth, God filled our world with diversity and all sorts of different kinds of beauty — sun, moon, stars, sky, clouds, seas, rivers, fishes, birds, animals, and humans.

Sixth, as God made this incredible world in this vast universe, he made all things to be good — "And God saw that it was good." (Genesis 1:12, 18, 21, 25, 31).

Seventh, God made humanity — people as male and female — to be the crown of his creation, made in his image and created to rule and steward all that God created (Genesis 1:26-31).

As we hear the Bible's description of how our world came to be, there are, however, some questions we are led to ask:

  • How did what was created to be good and very good become flawed, broken, and filled with struggle and death?
  • Our world and we ourselves are fearfully and wonderfully made!
  • What understandings about our world, and the Creator's intentions for our world, should we take away as principles for living life in our world?
  • What do we learn about the nature of God, our Creator, from this story of creation?
  • Will our universe, our world, ever find its way back to the beauty and goodness God originally intended for it in creation?

While we don't have time to look at these questions in depth today, we will explore them and others as we journey forward looking to find our story in God's "Story of Redemption"! Today, please remember that God made you in his image. You are the crown of his creation! You are "fearfully and wonderfully made" so that you can enjoy your life and embrace its purpose and meaning (Psalm 139:13-16).

We hope you will continue with us on our journey next week as we keep asking questions and looking for answers that lead us closer to the Creator's destination for all of us.

Until next time, let's stay the course and keep seeking lasting truth about God, life, and the meaning of our journey!