The coastline stretches wide and inviting. The call of a loon skitters across the water, my heart skips a beat in reply.

Trees aflame in oranges and reds in the vast wilderness, giving one last hallelujah to this year instead of mourning the coming winter.

Our headlights illuminate a moose that freezes in the middle of the road. Then, the moose canters clumsily on the edge of the pavement before plunging into the privacy of the woods.

With its blustery winds and rich marshes, and waves crashing on the rocks, the New England coast has been so peaceful. A breath of fresh air.

I came into this trip with long packing lists and careful food preparation. Can a mother ever be genuinely excited about a trip before the packing is done? If you’ve traveled with five children, you know the drill.

But I also carried the uncertainty of the future for our family.

But the truth is, God has always led faithfully. He has never neglected us or abandoned His children. He has never failed us.

We find peace by resting in Who God is rather than by finally having the answers we think we must have. True peace only comes on the heels of genuine and complete surrender.

As I sprinkle bluebonnet seeds on a grave of my dear aunt, who died way too soon.

As I cradle my baby, chattering like a little adult, he is unaware that I savor all his mispronounced words.

As my heart struggles with the vast unknowns that will directly affect my children.

He is good.

I lift my hands toward One who is faithful.
He is faithful.

Like the trees vibrant with sunset colors, I lift my hands toward One who is faithful.

Like the Israelites marching around impenetrable Jericho walls, before the victory comes, we can worship.

Before the Red Sea parts...

He is good.